MP3 Party at Pozibelle’s House, Y’all

30 01 2007

Thunderheist is gonna shake your shit whether you are ready or not. They’ve got Toronto and Montreal on lock, leaving the dance floor smashed. Next level booty bass nastiness courtesy of the man Grahm combined with punchy rhymes from Miss emcee Isis…hotness…I’m hooked. Expect a west coast tour soon.

MP3: “Horny” – Thunderheist
MP3: “Suenos Dulces” – Thunderheist

Purple Crush is serious fun stuff. Bouncy beats and quirky lyrics from Brooklyn’s Purple Crush, another duo thats catching a buzz. Isla (singer and dancer) and Jared (Producer and musician) will be releasing a 12″ soon on Nine 2 Five Recordings . Their EP “Welcome to Emo Club” is available for download at Itunes and other digital outlets. But here’s a fun little bonus to make you sweat ’til then.

MP3: “Hypebeast (Break Edit)” – Purple Crush

This one is for all the thuggish hipsters:

DJ Morsy, another Brooklyn party rocker. Just released his oh-so-fun mixtape “Emo Thug”. You got Rick Ross with Gang of Four, Missy with DFA, killin’ it togetha’ as it should be!

In the meantime, here’s a new track he just did with his homies Qualo mixed with the undeniably catchy Green Velvet hit, “Shake and Pop.”

MP3: “Shake Ya Pockets (Dj Morsy Remix)” – Qualo vs. Green Velvet

And just to share my inner thugness with you a little more, here’s my workout jam of the week:

MP3: “2 Step ThugStep” – Disc Jockey Nappy



Awesome. Awesome. Awesome.

30 01 2007


Yo yo yo! What is up internet!? This is my first post EVER. 

These are the current tracks that have been blowing up my speakers recently.

Made for the dance floor, for sure: Sorgenkint is Jochen Peuyn, a goddamn acid fiend.  This track, made with his partner DJ Man At Arms and available on the “3,03 Promille” EP, is simple yet effective with one of the best uses of piano stabs in a long time.  I’m not usually for that, but it works. What can I say?

MP3: “Sorgenkint, DJ Man At Arms” – Junkfunk
Buy at Beatport

Simply, this is just the new “Rocker” (Alter Ego).

MP3: “12Bit Dancer” – Roman Salzger
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Friend of Titsworth and DJ Aryres is DJ Taj, sometimes known as Bamabounce, and single handedly leading the gay black Baltimore club scene.  This track is perfect for just about anything: any mix, dance contest, Bar Mitzvah, Catillion, etc. Play it at a go cart race and you will be sure to win.  There’s even a sample of that one song that your mom listened to on the smooth jazz radio station. I forget what it’s called but shut up and listen to the song.  You will know what I am talking about, and then you will brag to your friends about it, and you will thank me.

MP3: “Wu-Tang Slide” – Bamabounce
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Just signed by the Bay Area’s own Mike Patton for Ipecac.  Someone please cut this shit up and make it into some techno powerhouse.  If you don’t, I will. Don’t make me turn this car around and smack you.

MP3:”Alligator Waltz” – Otto Von Schirach
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If you don’t know who this next one is, you’ve clearly been under a rock for the past year. But I’m more than happy to enlighten you and bring you into 2007. You’re welcome.

This is one of the best songs off of his album “Epiphanie”. Listen and learn:

MP3: “Turtle Trouble” – Para One
Buy it at Amazon.

Keep your eyes peeled! I’ve got more for you really soon.  Stand back.

Best wishes,
– Johnatron

Wednesday is the new Thursday

17 01 2007

Welcome to The Workout.


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