Booty Flava Friday #3

31 03 2007

Shake what ya momma gave ya, even if you got a baby daddy…

Mp3: Thats Just My Baby Daddy – Uncle Luke


Lets get spooky…

30 03 2007

Allright, here’s a little dose of The Black Ghosts  for ya, …all remixes from some noteable players, but the originals are definetely worth checkin just go buy em here and thank me later.

Mp3: Anyway You Choose To Give It- The Black Ghosts (Boy 8-Bit Remix)
Can you say WOW? Love it!  Boy 8-Bit, one man and his computer making dope remixes with a healthy dose of old school video game sounds, but with the grimyness that make my heart skip a beat, I think I’m in love.  Go to his myspace and buy all of his tracks right now!!!

Mp3: Any Way – The Black Ghosts (Fake Blood Remix)
Fake Blood…I can’t find anything on this guy…but the remix is great..he just surfaced on myspace, so keep your eyes out for more from this guy.

Mp3: Face – The Black Ghosts (Teenagers Remix)
When The Teenagers aren’t making songs about thier many love affairs with women from all over the world, they make dope remixes…this one had been floating around for a while now, but it is a great one…this one is featured on the Face Remixes 12″. Buy it…

and stay tuned, cuz booty flava friday is coming up shortly….

Johnatron’s Edit Wednesday #2

28 03 2007

This one comes from our friend Busy P, (we like him, he doesn’t know us).  If you don’t know much about him, you should know that Ed Banger is basically his baby.  He makes music too.  He is French and has long hair.

In this edit, I chopped it up, make it faster, added a lot of effects.

MP3: “Rainbow Man” (Johnatron Edit) – Busy P

Be sure to check out the Kraftwerk remix on his myspace as well!

Ed Bang *This*

27 03 2007

Justice in Miami

Where were you last Saturday night, dearest SF electrokids? My guess is you were at the Mezz, checking out the insanely blogaliciously bloghouse-ariffic lineup of Justice, SebastiAn, Dj Mehdi, Busy P, and local boy Sleazemore.

Go check out Missing Toof’s recap and corresponding video here to see what you missed. And what’s that classic jam opening the YouTube video clip of the show, you say? That’s where The Workout comes in to provide you with the info. Got questions? We have answers. It’s what we do.

The first track in the video (mixed in with Justice’s latest single D.A.N.C.E, which is *this close* to being a shark jumper) is a frigging classic, and it warms our hearts to see the hippest of the hip are never too hip to play timeless jams like this Alan Braxe and Fred Falke’s 2000 anthem, the doesn’t-do-it-justicely titled “Intro.”

MP3: “Intro” – Alan Braxe and Fred Falke

This song still destroys about 80% of the new stuff I’ve been hearing.

P.S. Come to The Rickshaw Stop on Saturday, it’ll be the last Luxxury show for a while…

P.P.S. Breaking news that’s just a little bit too damn ‘The Workout’ to be ignored. A new compilatio for WESC clothing has 12 — twelve; 10 + 2; a dozen — covers of Olivia Newton John’s classic ode to humping during The Workout: “Let’s Get Physical.” Go back yet again to freakin’ Missing Toof, where you just were, for a couple of sample tracks. Damn you, Disaster, I’m gonna have to take you off my RSS feed if you keep doing this!

Booty Flava Friday #2: Front, Back, Side to Side…The New Electric Slide

24 03 2007

Allright, so normally when I’m in the club, if i hear the same song twice, I get a little annoyed, and only so often will I let it slide. Well, a few weeks ago, I was getting drunk on a bottle of Bacardi at the rave cave (Arrow Bar) at Frisco Disco (R.I.P. and thank you for your many nights of ass shakin’) and I hear this fantastic track bumpin the bass…”Front, back, side to side”, yeah, so good i made up my own little dance to that and had the whole crew doin it to…Then, like two hours and another trip to the liquor store later, the DJ drops it once again. I have never been so happy to hear a song twice in one night EVER! We busted out with the dance and even threw in a few classics like the shopping cart and chainsaw…rockin’ it…but really The Pack is rockin’ it on this one! Hailing from Oakland and barely out of highschool, they killed the billboard charts and airwaves last year with thier super catchy “Vans” song. But in my opinion, this is the real killer. And yes, in case you were wondering, I will offer my dance expertise to anyone wanting to learn the official “Front, Back, Side to Side” dance…

Mp3: Candy – The Pack

Johnatron’s Edit Wednesday #1

21 03 2007

This is an exciting day! Every Wednesday I will bring you a new edit. This is a large undertaking, but I may get some help from some heavy hitters later on. For now, I got it covered.

This edit is a blend of Dj Assualt and Erasure.

MP3: “Who Needs That? (Johnatron remix)” – DJ Assualt and Erasure

It was almost a blend with Soft Cell. That would have had a better/worse name .

In other exciting news, as many of you have not heard/don’t care about, my girlfriend and I are having a baby! It has been 3 months and is doing well. Guess what the sonogram proves? NO TAIL! WOO! (I would’ve loved it with a tail anyway but I would rather not have to buy my child special pants.)

Wait for tommorow

20 03 2007


Tonight I have some good stuff, but tommorow marks the first day of JOHNATRON’S EDIT WEDNESDAY.

The newest Kitsune release. Blahblahblah. You know that everyone will post this. Might as well get it here. It almost makes me angry that everything on this label is so good.

MP3: “Drugs in My Body” – Thieves Like Us

Again, in a similar vain, here is a new Sebastian track. It is on the new Ed Banger compilation, which like Kitsune, basically rules every mp3 blog. Also, Sebastian, is one of those guys that is constantly too clever.

MP3: “Greel” – Sebastian

ALSO: Please, please, pleeeeeeaaaaaseeee add us on myspace. We are still starting out and we need to get word out about our blog and our night which will hopefully blow up really soon. It is also true that we will start to have exclusive tracks available for download on there. If you don’t want to get left behind, add us