Johnatron Edit Wednesday #6

26 04 2007

Once again, you can count on me. Every Thursday there seems to be a new “Edit Wednesday”. I had this one done on Tuesday, I just got busy and didn’t upload. oooooops.

I don’t know the proper etiquette for this, but I did a blend with a bootleg that someone else did. The track is Koto Vs. Aaron The Pimp – Visitors. It was posted in a comment on here by our good friend Sean at RockSellOut. I know nothing about Aaron the Pimp, but I assume he probably wears a purple suit and takes money that his girls earn him. I really like this track though.

What else could go with this but BONE CRUSHER. He has probably the one of the best names in hip hop. Right up there with Devin the Dude. One time on Celebrity Fit Club though he told some lady that everyone gets a little scared sometimes. So he is a fucking liar.

MP3: “Visitors Ain’t Never Been Scared” (Johnatron Remix) – Koto and Aaron the Pimp and Bone Crusher





FluoKids Translation Service: Vol. 2

25 04 2007

The Workout loves Fluo Kids
Photo: Simon Bordier, Model: Annika Berger, Stolen From/Homage A: FluoKids

From Monday’s episode of our favorite French disco sitcom, again filtered through The Workout’s in-house Robot Transliterator for your comedic enjoyment:

“To Drink Glass”

I was mollement held. The empty glance, I fixed red embers of the barbecue. I did not etais there. I was not there either for Martine. The weather was cold. To tell the truth, I froze them. The guy dimensioned ego, smoked an end of joint very crushed [editors note: as one tends to do in such situations]. Whereas it spoke to me about its future holidays in Ibiza and its loan sofinco of 500 euros, I concentrated on the funny words of ap on the aperispliff. I crossed the door fenestrates which carried out to the living room. Large a renoi hustles me, I lower the eyes. A few seconds later two guys put themselves on the mouth [editors note: WTF]. The foot of the parasol twisted to lie in the medium of the part, but I feel that the situation becomes funky [editors note: I feel the funkiness as well]. I regret Gaston [editors note: I also regret Gaston]. The girls rub “remainder in dog, boloss”. I am out of the action, sitting on stops of a piece of furniture full with eccentric ornaments and especially between two immense defenses with elephants. Too much cold to be a heat rabbit, but I will negotiate it [editors note: ah, yes, good old “heat rabbit negotiation” – how very, very French of you].

Fluokids – we kid, we love. Honestly, one of the few nearly-100% perfect blogs. Hot, often exclusive tracks; engaging commentary; pictures of hot foreign girls; and that certain “je ne sais quoi.”

It is very worth going to the original Fluokids post to download the very excellent Guns n’ Bombs remix of “Fancy Footwork.” But I can’t find a link to the post directly, which would be proper blog-iquette, and it’s sort of buried on the page. So, here’s a direct link to the song. This is definitely a must-download.

MP3: “Chromeo – Travail de Jambes de Fantaisie (Les Pistolets N’Bombs se remélangent).
Buy me some Chromeo on Insound
Chromeo ‘space
Guns n’ Bombs ‘space

Also: I love Ghostland Observatory.
MP3: “Piano Man” – Ghostland Observatory
Buy me some Ghostland Observatory on Amazon
Ghostland ‘Space


P.S. Here is a handy S.F. Events calendar 4 U:

Wednesday – Rickshaw Stop, SF – Take Root Records party w. Pop Noir and DJ BvL
Thursday – The Workout @ Arrow Bar, SF: w. All Teeth and Knuckles, plus resident DJ’s Johnatron, Pozibelle and BvL
Friday – Lights Down Low @ 222 Hyde, SF: w. DJ’s Paparrazzi, Daniel Le Disco, Audrock + Sleazemore

Boooty Flava # !?!???!!!

22 04 2007

OMG!!!  I am sooooo sorry…just call me the lamest, latest blogger on the planet… here is booty friday on saturday night…late…sunday morning more like it…sorryyyyyyy…..

but its okay…cuz i gotz something to get nasty to…do it like you like…

Mp3: Pony – Ginuwine (Booty Bass Remix) 

ha…i love ya’ll…see ya on thursday..cupcakes anyone?????

You Gotta Break It To Shake It

19 04 2007

Ahhh..ya missed me, didn’t ya?  I had to take a little sprink break in a land that had no freakin’ internet.  Didn’t mean to be gone for so long, but ya know, I drank a ton of beer and ate alot of BBQ, so now I am fully ready to deliver you the crunkness that you so deserve.

Since I took a spring break, there is no better way to start this post than with a special spring break mix from one of my favorite party DJs around right now, My! Gay! Husband!, holding the scene of rave rap down in Vancouver.  He always rocks the party right.  “Springbreak! Springbreak! Springbreak!” features the like of Thomas Bangalter, Electric Coke Face, Paul McCartney, Rofo, Donny Hathaway with remixes and edits by Flosstradamus, DJ Nephets, Joe Medium, M!G!H!, as well as brand new tracks by R.Kelly and Dizzee Rascal. Hotness…

Mp3: “Springbreak! Springbreak! Springbreak!” – Spring ’07 Mix by My! Gay! Husband!

So, while I had a great time in Austin, Texas, I was sad to miss my favorite ladies from Tampa, Yo Majesty, perform at Mezzanine.  I’ve been checking these ladies out for a while and loving thier blend of crunk rap club hop hotness.  They realeased the acapella of thier oh so catchy tune Club Action through thier myspace, so thier has been alot of remixes going around lately of this track..Here are two for your listening (and ass shaking) enjoyment.

The first comes from Tyler Fedchuk  who is one half of 1/2 Alive (the other half is Tony X), and just so happen to be in the same camp as M!G!H! in Vancouver.  They’ve been working hard in the remix/re-edit game for some time now.  Tyler also has a radio show show with the wonderful Paul Devro.  Check out radio zero for tons of podcast downloads that will rock your house.  Allright, down to the nitty gritty…if you love to rave, blow your whistle and shake your ass to Club Action.

Mp3: Club Action (Tyler Fedchucks 1/2 Alive Rave Mix) – Yo Majesty 

And if you are more in that Baltimore mood, play this one and sail away to a tropical island of ass shaking…

 Mp3: Club Action (Chris Bagraiders Sailing to Baltimore Edit) – Yo Majesty

And last but not least, here’s a few more tracks to get you crunk during the post sprink break depression that we are encountering (at least I am).  Found out about these guys through a blog called Its The Money Shot, guarenteed to give you the goods.  Grizz Le Beast is a blend of crunkness mashed with electroness that put a smile on my face…go to thier myspace to find much more where these came from….

 Mp3: Wildcats Stay Fly (Ratatat vs. Three Six Mafia) – Grizz Le Beast

Mp3: Stilettos Get Crunk – Grizz Le Beast vs. Crime Mob

Okay…thats all you get..I’ll be back tomorrow with another classic booty bass track for your ass, in the meantime, shake it.

and don’t forget to come party with us next week at the Arrow Bar!! Free Cupcakes!!!

Johnatron Edit Wednesday #5

19 04 2007


It’s been a long week, so this one is an oldie but a goodie. I am posting it because I still firmly believe that I will still get people moving.

MP3: “Me and Madonna are Smooth Criminals (Johnatron Remix)” – Michael Jackson and Black Strobe

Disco Sunday #1

16 04 2007

Last night, Johnatron and I DJ’d at a party for our friend Esteban in Oakland. I downloaded a bunch of Italo Disco tracks I’d never heard before , intending to just play them straight through as my set, never having heard them in advance. It’s just something I’ve wanted to do for a while. But when I got there I wasn’t feeling 116 BPM, I was feeling more like 131 BPM. So instead, John and I tried the 2-Many-DJs tag team thing, where we switched off playing one or two tracks at a time before the other person took over. It actually worked pretty well, considering we tried it for the first time on the spot. Next time we’ll practice, and you will be amazed by our dazzling skillz, with a “z.”

Single Girl by Knight Action

“Single Girl” was a single produced by Duane Thamm Jr. with vocalist Sedenia, and released in 1984 under the artist name “Knight Action.” Technically it’s a Chicago House track but the Moroder influences are pretty heavy too – Nick Sylvester at Stylus considers it a crossover between Disco and House. It has some goofy Shangri-La’s style storytelling in it, and it’s crazy catchy.

MP3: “Single Girl” – Knight Action

Glass Candy

Again on the disco tip, in a future retro way, there’s a new Glass Candy track available for free on their Myspace called “Rolling Down the Hills.” GC continue to re-invent the already invented wheel on this one, but with a warmer, more lush sound. This song also incorporates what I think might be their first use of sampling (and horns, at that!). All in all, it’s just another brick in Glass Candy’s sugar-coated walls.

MP3: “Rolling Down the Hills” – Glass Candy (Myspace)

Bangers du Jour #2

14 04 2007

Sometimes I am verbose. Loquacious, even. Not today.

Sneaky Soundsystem

I am beyond obsessed with this song. This is *so* my shit.
MP3: “UFO – Van She Tech Remix” – Sneaky Soundsystem
Van She Tech Space
Sneaky Soundsystem Space
Buy on Amazon
Ups: Big Stereo


I am also obsessed with this song. This is also very much my shit. (Note: not really a “banger”, per se. But way hott.)
MP3: “My Moon My Man” Boys Noize Remix – Feist
Boys Noize Space
Feist Space
Buy on Amazon
Props: Palms Out


Again: Obsessed; Shit.
MP3: “Atlantis To interzone (Yukski’s Saucisses Wanna Dance to Dance Remix)” – Klaxons
Klaxons Space
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Merci aFluokids

Coming soon: “The Workout” @ Arrow Bar, a monthly party by us.
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