Johnatron’s Edit Wednesday #10

30 05 2007


These last couple of weeks have been pretty hectic. Due to mix-ups, confusion, odd time restraints, and just for fun I have played a few sets that were 15 minutes or less. I forced myself each time to pack entire sets into this time. It was fun and I got a good responses.

Thus, as a tribute, this weeks edit is my first 15 minute mix. I got 12 songs on this one. Enjoy.

Johnatron’s 15 Minute Workout Mix #1

1. Klaxons – Gravity’s Rainbow (Nightmoves Remix)

2. Dada Life – Vote Yes

3. Herve & Yo Majesty – Get Low Club Action (Scattermish Timid Fuckup Edit)

4. Johnatron – Nightwalker

5. Zombie Nation – Kernkraft 400

6. Shit Disco – OK (Acid Girls Remix)

7. Calvin Harris – Acceptable in the 80’s

8. Tomboy – Flamingo (Tomboy Remix)

9. Griff & Booman – Pick ‘Em Up

10. Soft Cell – So (Extended Mix)

11. Technotronic – Pump Up The Jam

12. Koto – Visitors



Luxxury Remix Album Parties: Tonight and Tomorrow!

25 05 2007

So as not to sound overly self-hype-y, the following is lifted directly from (and with the kind permission of) the fantastic Disaster from Missing Toof:

“This weekend it’s going down! San Francisco based ‘lectro rockers Luxxury have finally unleashed their long awaited ‘Sweet and Vicious, The Remixes’ CD (cover art work by me!). There will be two back to back record release parties starting this Friday.

First up, Friday, Lights Down Low vs Luxxury. Featuring live performances by Baron Von Luxxury & Johnatron of The Workout joined by the likes of Canada’s ‘All Night Dance Party‘. Special guest DJ Devin Dirt all the way from Brooklyn & of course resident dancefloor destroyer Sleazemore on the ones and two’s.

Michaela your fave door girl taking your money & your hearts. Photos by Vaindeer.

Then this Saturday in the South Bay, record release party #2 presented by Missingtoof! This rowdy bunch invades San Jose’s Johnny V’s for another night of disco debauchery. Live performances by Luxxury (Disco Version), ANDP & Devin Dirt. This time DJ Barbeau of Dirty Sanchez and Missingtoof’s own DJ Basura are holding it down on the decks. Photos will be taken by Chromesick.

Luxxury’s new CD ‘Sweet & Vicious, The Remixes’ is out now on itunes. If you haven’t caught their song ‘Drunk’ in the Pontiac/Transformers commercial peep the beats below. These tracks are guaranteed to totally mess up your parents car stereo speakers.

MP3: Luxxury – Drunk (Toulouse Fight Club remix)

MP3: Luxxury – Sweet and Vicious (All Night Dance Party’s More Vicious Than Sweet remix)

MP3: Luxxury – Rock and Roll Is Evil (Devin Dirt’s Fat Elvis remix)

Johnatron’s Edit Wednesday #9

24 05 2007


Sorry about last week. Won’t happen again. You can imagine what I got myself into with this weekly edit thing! I got other shit on my table too.  Never the less, it does force me to turn out more work than I normally would.  Here is an unfinished, but good dub of Newcleus’s “Jam On It”.

If for some reason you don’t know this song

1) Wierd. You should get the original too. It talks about beating up superman.

2) You have never seen Asian kids breakdance at a High School Dance.

 MP3: “Jam On It (Johnatron’s Late Night Unfinished Dub)” – Newcleus


 Also: last chance for V.I.P. status for tonight’s installment of THE WORKOUT LIVE – email theworkout at sablestarr dot com immediately!!!!



Bangers du Jour #3: Midnight Juggernauts

21 05 2007

Midnight Juggernauts

I. Cannot. STOP. Listening. To. This. Remix.

MP3: “I Get Around (Midnight Juggernaut remix)” – Dragonette

Banger du Jour nothin’ – this is definitely Le Banger de la Month, and maybe even de la Year So Far. It’s on the upcoming Kitsune 4 and if you haven’t heard it yet you will be unable to avoid it as soon as it drops. I first heard this Australian band/production team (and yes, it’s yet another damn amazing group of electro-awesome Aussies with close ties to the Modular mafia) when I heard this Daft Punk meets synthpop ditty on the fantastic Fabric29 (Cut Copy) last summer:

MP3: “Shadows” – Midnight Juggernauts
From Motel de Moka

Here’s the video for “Shadows”:

That song is from the “Secrets of the Universe” EP, which is available here and features a Presets remix of the Juggs’ “Devil Within.” Pick it up now.

Speaking of The Presets, here’s a remix MJ did last year for them:

MP3: “Down Down Down (Midnight Juggernauts remix)” – The Presets
Originally posted by La New Shit

One more for good measure: the track “45 and Rising” is available on vinyl here and features a Cut Copy remix. Listen here and then go buy the real deal.

MP3: “45 and Rising” – Midnight Juggernauts
Courtesy of the kind folks at The Supersonic Cumberbun

Their myspace sez’ “Road 2 Recovery 12″ w Sebastian remix-out late may”, can’t wait!

Mid Juggs ‘Space
Mid Juggs dot commmm

(BTW I posted the original version of the Dragonette song last week. I think it’s pretty fantastic as well, but definitely more pop/radio than danceypants. Here it is again in case you blinked.)


The week ahead:

If you’re in the San Francisco Yay area, we hope to see you for THE WORKOUT on Thursday night, May 24, *and* at Sleazemore’s Lights Down Low at 222 Minna on Friday night for the debut of LUXXURY LIVE (ELECTRO VERSION)!!!!

The Workout RULES

The Workout RULES

Email us at theworkout at sablestarr dot com or send us a myspace message for free guest list spots!

…and then save a spot on your dancecard Friday, May 25, for the debut of Baron von Luxxury with Johnatron at Sleazemore’s Lights Down Low at 222! We’ll be debuting our new band, performing electro versions of the Luxxury remixes live! Two men, two synths, one bass guitar, one vocoder and one talkbox…come smell the magic!

Luxxury Loves U

Luxxury Remixes

(Posted by: Baron von Luxxury)

Dollar Bills and Pish Posh Thrills

15 05 2007

Hey there homies…whoa, has shit been crazy lately, but not to worry, I got a bangin delivery for ya….. This friday, get off your ass and head over to the TL…this shit is gonna be fresh. History Invades is celebrating thier record release on Pish Posh (one of my favorite record labels), and alongside them will be All Teeth and Knuckles, Ghosts on Tape, UFO! and yours truly, PoziB! And it’s free! Pish Posh is notorious for throwing some of the best parties in the city, whether its a house party or club event…So unless you like your life under a rock, get out and see the freshness for yourself…

Heres a few tracks from Ghosts on Tape to hype you up…

Mp3:Nann Juke Rmxx – Ghosts On Tape

Mp3: Gangsterplayer222 – Ghosts On Tape

Mp3: Rang On Tha Grayne – Ghosts On Tape

So I recently got transfered down to the Haight Street side of the Shoe Biz world, which on most points kinda sucks…and here’s why:

1. Its uphill from where I live. I don’t like riding the bus, I like to ride my bike, but I don’t like to ride my bike uphill…booooo.

2. They have me working in the store with all women’s shoes. I like sneakers…i do wear the girly shoe occassionally, but selling them sucks. Girls come up to me with 7 different pairs of black flats, want to try them in two different sizes, then decide that none of them fit quite right and if i’m lucky, they walk out with a $20 sale shoe..lame.

3. It is way too close to all my favorite shops, so all the money that I made that day, I end up spending before I even get home…

Yeah, so #3 sucks cuz I spend all my dough, but I stay fly in my new threads and get to mob the record store every time I’m on a lunch break… Today I picked up some records from Ratatat…I really want thier new remix album, but alas it’s not available yet, so I got some older stuff of thiers..I quite like it, I must say. Got that indie rock feel laced with hip hop beats to keep you head knodding in your white belt… Thier new remix stuff is fresh though, I’ve been jammin it on the pod for days. Check it for yourself right here….Then, you can say thank you by sending me dollor bills in my time of need while I work on the consumer ridden Haight Street..word.

Mp3: Party and Bullshit (Ratatat Remix) – Notorious B.I.G.

Mp3: The Mule (Ratatat Remix) – Z-ro, Devin the Dude, and Juvenile

Mp3: Stomp (Ratatat Remix) – Young Buck, Game and Ludacris

there ya go! Enjoy…see ya friday and I better see those bills flyin…

Yes, There’s More Out There Than Porn

10 05 2007

Luxxury Dim Mak Cobrasnake Cory
Luxxury at Cinespace, LA. Photo: Le Cobrasnake.

Today’s post is filed under “Other Blogs Need Love Too”:

• Track #10 from Justice’s minutes-away-from-being-released debut album is up over at Put the Needle on the Record as well as Call Me Mickey (among others):

MP3: “Stress” – Justice

Plus La New Shit posted a radio rip of track #9 “D.V.N.O.” earlier this week.

So now you *should* have about 2/3 of the whole album, right? Plus another 500 re-edits, unreleased Britney Spears remixes and unauthorized mashups, and perhaps a ripped video or two? I need an entire iPod just for all my Interwebbedly ill-gotten Justice shit.

• Speaking of La New Shit, they’ve just posted a few awesome tracks from the new Luxxury Remixes album. Graph Giraph has a few as well. Collect ’em all.

• I like Dragonette. I was fairly certain they weren’t cool until Fluo told me not to worry and love The Bomb. And then Kitsune called and said “we’re putting one of their songs on our next comp.” So, we’re all allowed to like it now!

MP3: “I get around” – Dragonette

• An open letter to Van She Tech from me, Baron von Luxxury.

Dear Van She Tech –

I love you and I hate you.

I love you because you are amazing.

I despise you because you are amazing.

Your productions make me envious and full of a jealous rage. But then I shake myself like a wet poodle and that moment of pettiness goes away.

And I am yours again.

I love you.


MP3: “I Love You (Van She Tech Remix)” – I Am Finn
From MFR

MP3: “Sex City (South Central ‘Dark City’ Remix)”
From Headphone Sex

• New Blackstrobe is ready for you. Dark, surprisingly rock…hell, it’s industrial.

MP3: “Girl Next Door” – Blackstrobe
MP3: “Buzz Buzz Buzz” – Blackstrobe
From Boule a Facettes

Bonus remixes:
MP3: “Never Win (Blackstrobe remix)” – Fischerspooner
MP3: “Ghost Trace (Blackstrobe remix)” – Tiefschwarz
Also from Boule a Facettes

• A few cool non-MP3 links. Clicky clicky.

Sampleur/sample. Sometimes you gotta track down the source material and scratch the itch.

Simon Reynolds’ Bliss Out. Erudite musical ramblings from the author of Rip it Up and Start Again, the best postpunk book ever written.

Out of 5 dot com. Record geeks make lists.

Music You Won’t (Possibly) Hear Anywhere Else – Old 78’s. Not Disco at all. But amazing.

Johnatron Edit Wednesday #8

10 05 2007


Airbus baby has been a track I have been listening to a lot these past few months.  D.I.M. is on turbo, Tiga’s label, which is one of my favorites.

The Timbaland, Nelly Furtado, and Justin Timberlake track is all showboating from people who can showboat.

MP3: “Give it to me, Airbus Baby! (Johnatron Remix)” – D.I.M., Timbaland, Nelly Furtado, and Justin Timberlake