ALL Teeth and Knuckles Video!!

31 07 2007

Party on Thursday!!! Pish Posh Style!

30 07 2007

ZZT, Alter Ego, Tobi Neumann, Jackson, Johannes Heil, ect.

30 07 2007


MP3: “2007” – Max Cavalerra

MP3: “Trauermusik (Alter Ego Remix)” – Partial Arts

MP3: “All For One (Tobi Neumann’s Swinging Remix)” – Johannes Heil

Mp3: “Moog Acid (Jackson Mix)” – Jean Jacques Perrey and Luke Vibert

MP3: “Lower State of Consciousness” – ZZT  (Tiga and Zombie Nation)

Mp3: “These Things Happen (Yellow Mix)” – David Van Tieghem 

Buy them at Beatport or Juno.

Booty Flava Friday!! (Funky Watussi!!)

28 07 2007

You gotta love this one!!

Mp3: Funky Watussi – The Puppies

Top 10 so far

26 07 2007


  1. Mr. Oizo and Josh Wink – Higher State of Saxophone (Johnatron Edit) Apparently Justice played this a couple weeks back?! This is enough reason to hype this up again. I love it too. Hands down best edit I’ve done in the past 6 months.

  2. Pink Grease – Carlights (Cajuan Remix)

    This is one of those remixes where I think you can tell that the remixer did not like the song so they totally reinvented it. Who better to do that than half of digitalism?

  3. Luxxury – Sweet and Vicious (Johnatron Remix)

    This never got enough credit! For the record, I know that a lot of people who were also on the album kept telling me they loved it. But what were they going to do? Call me a dick to my face? Fuck you. My Beeper City dub on there is great too.

    tied with

    Bird Peterson – Throw Me Uptown (Johnatron presents Beeper City Remix)

    This was a remix that made me make an alias for myself just to “break out of the box”. This is the first song to have me talk-boxing in it.

  4. Robbie Williams – Never Touch That Button (Nightmoves Remix)

    Nightmoves has turned out my favorite remixes over the last year. This is hands down the best. It goes well with anything. It does great alone. Its all rythmn and squeaks. Love it.

  5. Ghosts on Tape – Port Moresby

    Nicest guy in the world. The live version of this was amazing. You should see the crowd this guy draws. He has got an audience in every circle.

  6. Electroluxe Family – Rock That Shit (Vicarious Bliss Remix)

    The way this song has movements is what really does it for me. If you can get the mood right, the cock rock ending will kill.

  7. D.I.M. – Airbus Baby

    I have no reason for not putting this higher. Tiga has done it again.

  8. Fields – Song For the Fields (Ewan Pearson Remix)
    I like that this is dramatic. It also reminds me of the older Ewan Pearson remixes, which I like.

  9. Chemical Brothers – Electronic Battleweapon 8
    The best of the entire series.

  10. Cobblestone Jazz -w
    Mathew Jonson’s side band. Very minimal.

This was so hard! I thought I was being selective and then ended up looking at a list of 50 songs that were my top picks. Therefore, there might be some missing tracks on here. I will think about them later and want to change this list. Whatever. I tried to stick to stuff that the others wouldn’t pick, just for variety (this is why Mr. B’s Scissors for Lefty remix is not on here). Obviously, I put my shit towards the top because why wouldn’t I want people to notice them? It leads off with my remix of Oizo/Wink. This got downloaded way more than I would have ever expected and kinda ended up all of the internet. I was very pleased. I heard that a couple weeks ago Justice played it! It was also important for me to show some semblance of variety in my top 10. I got some minimal with Cobblestone Jazz, Mathew Jonson’s side project. I got some epic dance stuff with the Ewan Pearson remix. I got the legends; the Chemical Brothers. I also got the cool new kids like Ghosts on Tape, D.I.M., and yours truly. Please enjoy.

Johnatron’s Edit Wednesday #17

26 07 2007


So, as you may have read this week is the week to post our top 10 tunes of the past six months….. I will do that tommorow.  Until then here are some edits from some dear friends.

First off is an edit of a proper remix I did for the band Protection.  Meikee from the band reedited my remix, threw a bunch of samples in there:

 MP3: “Rockstar (Johnatron Remix) (Meikess Magnetic DiskoWorkout Edit) – Protection

Second is a newcomer to the Bay Area and a force to be reckoned with: DJ Mykill.  He has a bunch of amazing remixes at his myspace

MP3: “Explore It” – DJ Mykill

MP3: “Short Dick Man (Remix)” – DJ Mykill

MP3: “Hot Bongos” – DJ Mykill

Theresa and Jeremy

23 07 2007

Theresa and Jeremy

i don’t know where else to put this
i need to say how sad i am to have lost two of my best friends in the world
theresa killed herself on july 10
just three blocks away from where we are staying in the east village
jeremy is missing
he was last seen walking into the ocean at rockaway beach on july 18

i have known theresa for 13 years
she was like an older sister to me
i was there the night she met jeremy
who became like an older brother to me

if you’ve read theresa’s blog ‘the wit of the staircase’
you’ll know how erudite, witty and gorgeous her writing and thinking were
well, so too was she as a person
hyper-intelligent, hyper-beautiful, hyper-ambitious
not to mention generous and loyal: fiercely loyal

but she scared the hell out of some people with her sharp tongued rapier wit
i’ve seen so many people turn on her
i’ve seen so many people afraid of her
and i’ve seen how they harrassed her
literally to death

you people should be ashamed of yourselves
theresa had no power
she just wanted her art to be in the world
that’s all

beyond their friendship and artistic mentorship
i was so so proud and honored to have been able to work with them
theresa did my liner notes and jeremy did my album cover art
theresa’s words are so evocative and accurate and personal and witty
a perfect summary and introduction to the music
(you see, theresa is really sable starr.
now you know.)
and jeremy’s cover is so striking and gorgeous and perfect
70s filtered through the 80s
the sexxy babysitter in a day glo future retro disco daydream
and its kind of her too

(i’m not going to link to anything, you can google whatever, its everywhere…
this is just me needing desperately to put my version and anguish somewhere)

Theresa + Blake

god damn you pop music
i can’t believe that song came over the PA last night
so ghastly as to be comic
i swear it was hot chocolate’s 70’s FM ballad “emma”
“’twas a cold and dark December night/When I opened up the bedroom door/ To find her lying still and cold Upon the bed/A love letter lying on the bedroom floor/it read: “darling i love you, but i just can’t go on livin’ on dreams no more/i tried so very hard not to leave you alone/i just can’t keep trying no more”…’

theresa adored pop music and irony
she would have found that amusing
so i’ll let myself laugh

as for jeremy
i refuse to believe he’s not coming back
so i’ll hold out hope
because i also can’t believe that band played that pixies song last night
that can’t be a coincidence:
“cease to resist/given my goodbyes/drive my car/into the ocean/
you think i’m dead/but i’ll sail away…”

jeremy adored pop music and irony
he would/will find that amusing
so i’ll let myself laugh

here come those santa ana winds again…

RIP Theresa Duncan 1966-2007
jeremy, please call me back…

i love you both
xx blake

Theresa Duncan