Johnatron’s Edit Wednesday #27

4 10 2007


“Eutow” by Autechre has long been one of my absolute favorite songs of all time. This song, along with a couple of other classics such as “Windowlicker” by Aphex Twin, represents a time period in which WARP records was at the top of its game. They are still awesome now, but in the early to mid-90s WARP dragged a lot of kids, including myself, into the electronic music camp. This shit is old enough that when it came out I was still listening to nu-metal. It is about time that it gets a lame dance edit.

MP3: “Eutow (Johnatron Edit)” – Autechre

Buy Autechre’s “Tri-Repetae++” at Amazon.





One response

6 07 2008

I just had to comment on this, cause I googled for other people who praised “Eutow” as one of the best songs ever made. The wooshing synthesizers are so beautiful!!! I’m listening to it right now 😀

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