Gucci Soundsystem

28 09 2007


 Gucci Soundsytem might be known to a lot of you as the guys that brought you the awesome remix of Tiefschwarz’s “Wait and See”.  This joint, “Acarpenter”, is a bit different.  Let’s call it minimal disco.  This record sounds like Moroder teamed up with (insert something stupid here) and made a record in this modern day and age. 

“Acarpenter” came out on “Bugged Out” in 2006, but James Murphy, of DFA and LCD Soundsystem fame, loved it so much he picked it up.  As a bonus, the new Joakim remix is included.  If you thought the original was dated from the start (in a good way), then wait until you hear this one.

 MP3:”Acarpenter” – Gucci Soundsystem

MP3:”Acarpenter (Joakim Remix)” – Gucci Soundsystem

Buy the “Acarpenter” at Pure Groove.



Ed Bang *This*

27 03 2007

Justice in Miami

Where were you last Saturday night, dearest SF electrokids? My guess is you were at the Mezz, checking out the insanely blogaliciously bloghouse-ariffic lineup of Justice, SebastiAn, Dj Mehdi, Busy P, and local boy Sleazemore.

Go check out Missing Toof’s recap and corresponding video here to see what you missed. And what’s that classic jam opening the YouTube video clip of the show, you say? That’s where The Workout comes in to provide you with the info. Got questions? We have answers. It’s what we do.

The first track in the video (mixed in with Justice’s latest single D.A.N.C.E, which is *this close* to being a shark jumper) is a frigging classic, and it warms our hearts to see the hippest of the hip are never too hip to play timeless jams like this Alan Braxe and Fred Falke’s 2000 anthem, the doesn’t-do-it-justicely titled “Intro.”

MP3: “Intro” – Alan Braxe and Fred Falke

This song still destroys about 80% of the new stuff I’ve been hearing.

P.S. Come to The Rickshaw Stop on Saturday, it’ll be the last Luxxury show for a while…

P.P.S. Breaking news that’s just a little bit too damn ‘The Workout’ to be ignored. A new compilatio for WESC clothing has 12 — twelve; 10 + 2; a dozen — covers of Olivia Newton John’s classic ode to humping during The Workout: “Let’s Get Physical.” Go back yet again to freakin’ Missing Toof, where you just were, for a couple of sample tracks. Damn you, Disaster, I’m gonna have to take you off my RSS feed if you keep doing this!

Giant Kitten Terrorizes London

28 02 2007

Sorry for the slow week – we had our first DJ night last Wednesday and then I flew to NYC the next morning. In the meanwhile, Johnatron slipped away to Hawaii and Pozi slipped into a cupcake-induced coma from which we have yet to rouse her…But it was hott! Audrock Rocked it! Party photos soon!

For now, enjoy this lovely little slice of Luxxury heaven from the Self-Promotion division of Workout Enterprises Worldwide, LLC:

Video: “Sweet and Vicious” – Luxxury
Luxxury on the Myspace thing

A Daft Punk Sampling Etymology

21 02 2007

dafte punk 091

Just got my laptop back after a week. It’s all fixed. Hooray. Quick catchup:

1. Palmsout Sound posted an essential listing of original sample sources for a dozen Daft Punk songs. It’s hard not to listen to these songs and rethink what the meaning of “creativity” is in sampling. There’s a fine line between lifting someone else’s music wholesale and rescuing an otherwise buried idea. In several of the songs, the samples are relatively hard to spot (e.g. the “Around the World” source), which makes a strong case for the sampler as curator, practicing the art of selection and recontextualization.

By contrast, even allowing for a more elastic definition of “original”, upon hearing “Release The Beast” I can’t help but feel a little disappointed to learn how much less original “Robot Rock” is. Go listen for yourself and see what you think. (P.S. Now that I’m already breaking your heart, and since you got so sick of “Crazy” last summer that you’re ready to hear it again, check out the song that Gnarls sampled to make that track.)

2. Nation of Ulysses/Makeup/Weird War visionary/genius (and former co-worker of mine back in my D.C. days) Ian Svenonious has a fantastic new TV show called Soft Focus on Vice TV. Watch the Ian Mackaye episode now, taped in front of a live studio audience at the Guggenheim, which somehow feels appropriate.

3. There was a new Glass Candy track on their Myspace page a few days ago but it’s no longer there. However you can still grab it from the fantastic 20 Jazz Funk Greats blog, which is always a fantastic read.

MP3: “Miss Broadway” – Glass Candy (via 20 Jazz Funk Greats)

It’s yet another cover, this time of Belle Epoque’s disco classique, Miss Broadway. As with their Kraftwerk cover (which is still available) I think they’ve improved upon the original. Go get it before Johnny Jewel changes his mercurial mind. Glass Candy will be playing in SF on May 17 at Donuts (yes, I will be there.)

4. Tomorrow night (Wednesday) is the debut of The Workout: Live, our new DJ night! Johnatron, Pozibelle and I will be joined by the fantastic DJ Audrock from Club Loaded. We will be spinning pretty much exactly the kind of stuff we post and talk about here. Bonus: there will be free cupcakes!

P.S. The free beer thing mentioned on the flyer is no longer true. BUT. There will be drink specials, like $1 sake shots or something.

P.P.S Wednesday is the new Thursday!

FluoKids Translation Service: Vol. 1

9 02 2007

The Leonard Cohen of France

My esteemed Workout colleague Johnatron says he always ignores the French posts on Fluokids. I suspect he’s not alone. So for all you folks who feel like you’re only getting 50% of the Fluo experience, we present Volume 1 of “The Workout’s FluoKids Translation Service.”

For no real reason, since I speaka the French pretty good, I will be employing the services of the Babelfish translation engine, which will transliterate the page without any regard for how people actually speak English. Which will make it much funnier. For example, the title of today’s post: “ça transpire entre beaux garçons” (which means “This happens between beautiful boys”) has become: “That perspires between fine young men.” Let the hipster disco comedy begin.

    “You included/understood it, the evening Edbanger of Saturday is Sold Out, what to leave the sentences shock kind “aahahahaha well done”, but good it is not our kind. So that those which will not be there do not cry all the tears of their small shrimp bodies, Busy P alias Pedro Winter was transformed into fluokid for the week, and especially lent itself to great classic of the house: the playlist for Miam Fruits. Slips on your mini leather shorts, you feel the walls to become moist? Normal; it is the BUSY P’ S MIAM MIAM RAINBOW GAYNESS playlist.”

“Moist rainbow gayness”? But of course, you crazy sexy Parisians.

A simpler translation: get your ears around on Ed Banger honcho/Justice/Daft Punk managerial mastermind Busy P (a.k.s “the Gallic Baron“)’s latest “Yummy, Fruit” mix IMMEDIATELY.


P.S. I swear to G-D I’m using that Robin S. track in my new mix! Does that make me “rainbow moist”? Discuss.

We Hardly Knew Ye.

8 02 2007

Oh! Delicate flower; gentle yellow rose of Texas.

Our pulsating disco hearts are momentarily calmed by your sudden departure from this mortal coil.

You gave, and you gave. And then: you gave some more.

A life that touched many. And brought light where to the darkness.

Now extinguished.

And yet: somewhere in heaven above, a star shines just a little bit brighter.

Because your light is now, like, up there. Helping it. Or something.

What am I, a fucking astrophysicist?

Sorry – I digress.

Rest in peace, Anna Nicole Smith.