4 09 2007


[T]ekel is Parisian duo Julien Briffaz and Loic Le Guillou. My french is a bit rusty, but I believe that “tekel” must translate to wiener dogs because from a google image search I got multiple images like the following:


At any rate, [T]ekel been churning out some of the absolute best techno these past years. Their tracks have appeared on such releases as ex Black Strobe member Ivan Smagghe’s Fabric mix and a few of good ol’ electro champion Erol Alkan’s mixes as well. The dancefloor killer on this release is “Bezu Christ”. Check out the casio backbeat around 2:08. “(Envie De) Sauce Madere Avec Toi ” is more emotional and deep.

P.S. If someone could help me out with what “tekel” really means I would greatly appreciate that.

MP3: “Bezu Christ” – [T]ekel

MP3: “(Envie De) Sauce Madere Avec Toi” – [T]ekel


Buy it digitally at beatport.



Johnatron’s Edit Wednesday #1

21 03 2007

This is an exciting day! Every Wednesday I will bring you a new edit. This is a large undertaking, but I may get some help from some heavy hitters later on. For now, I got it covered.

This edit is a blend of Dj Assualt and Erasure.

MP3: “Who Needs That? (Johnatron remix)” – DJ Assualt and Erasure

It was almost a blend with Soft Cell. That would have had a better/worse name .

In other exciting news, as many of you have not heard/don’t care about, my girlfriend and I are having a baby! It has been 3 months and is doing well. Guess what the sonogram proves? NO TAIL! WOO! (I would’ve loved it with a tail anyway but I would rather not have to buy my child special pants.)