Gucci Soundsystem

28 09 2007


 Gucci Soundsytem might be known to a lot of you as the guys that brought you the awesome remix of Tiefschwarz’s “Wait and See”.  This joint, “Acarpenter”, is a bit different.  Let’s call it minimal disco.  This record sounds like Moroder teamed up with (insert something stupid here) and made a record in this modern day and age. 

“Acarpenter” came out on “Bugged Out” in 2006, but James Murphy, of DFA and LCD Soundsystem fame, loved it so much he picked it up.  As a bonus, the new Joakim remix is included.  If you thought the original was dated from the start (in a good way), then wait until you hear this one.

 MP3:”Acarpenter” – Gucci Soundsystem

MP3:”Acarpenter (Joakim Remix)” – Gucci Soundsystem

Buy the “Acarpenter” at Pure Groove.



Disco Sunday #5: Summer. Night. City.

12 08 2007

ABBA Summer Night City

Sorry I’ve been absent for a little while but some stuff went down, and it wasn’t exactly the cherry I’d hoped for on top of my 10 weeks in NYC. But you know what my mom says, which is incredibly genius advice? “Life is for the living.” And for me, the pulse of life is in the throbbing heartbeat of disco. From the timeless 16th note whirl and phase of Moroder to the robot rock of Daft Punk; from the sugary yet hedonistic Swedish pop of Abba to the jangly hi-hat imperfection and post-punk revisionism of LCD Soundsystem; from the retro-Chic of Escort to the slow space of all things Troubleman. From 106 to 131 and all the BPMs in between, it’s The Shit That Keeps Me Fiddling While Rome is Burning.

And so, for my transition back to the real world (insofar as “the real world” is blogdom and San Francisco), here is my first ever DJ mix. It’s called Baron von Luxxury’s So Fucking Disco: Summer Night New York City ’07 Mixx, and it’s by me: Baron von Luxxury, which is my fake name.

It was interesting putting this together since making a “DJ mix” is, it turns out, not quite the same as doing a live DJ set. For one thing, you’re not reacting to a crowd in real time, which is half the fun of performing, since I’m never quite sure what I’ll play next. The other major difference is that it’s meant to be listened to in a different context than a dark room filled with sweaty people – presumably with headphones on the subway or in the background on a laptop. Which, I suppose, could both still be dark and sweaty environments.

Anyway, for this first mix I decided to have it be a snapshot of my most recent live set opening for Scissors for Lefty at Union Hall, Brooklyn on July 21. I also added a few original edits and what I am calling “blends” (sorry, I can’t bear to call them mashups). And because it’s my first mix, it’s got a few tracks from my best of 2007 so far, just so I can catch up. To make up for the not-so-newness of those bloghouse faves, I have also included a special treat for you: the worldwide exclusive debut of “Tom Cruise is a Gay Scientologist”, an awesome new and heretofore unblogged track by my latest discovery, NYC’s Black Russians. You heard it at Disco Workout first!

Enjoy, and feel free to pass this little disco valentine along to the people you love.

– Baron von Luxxury

Baron von Luxxury’s So Fucking Disco: Summer Night New York City ’07 Mixx
1. “Love Theme from Baron von Luxxury” – Baron von Luxxury
2. “So Fucking Disco (BvL Blend)” – Pase Rock
3. “All Through The Night (BvL Blend)” – Escort
4. “Disco Dynamite” – Mr Flash
5. “Intro” – Alan Braxe and Fred Falke
6. “Into the Groove” – Madonna (snippet)
7. “Transexual (BvL Blend)” – Mr. Oizo
8. “Shadows” – Midnight Juggernauts
9. “Ghetto Ways (Baron von Luxxury’s Super Thanks for Asking Remix)” – Scissors for Lefty
10. “We Are Rockstars (BvL Frida Edit)” – Does it Offend You, Yeah?
11. “Theme From S’Express” – S’Express
12. “UFO (Van She Tech Remix)” – Sneaky Sound System
13. “Acceleration (BvL Blend)” – Franz and Shape
14. “Rock and Roll is Evil (Devin Dirt’s Fat Elvis Remix [BvL Blend])” – Luxxury
15. “I Get Around (Midnight Juggernauts Remix)” – Dragonette
16. “All Systems Down” – Knightlife
17. “Black Arabs” – Black Arabs
18. “Rolling Down The Hills” – Glass Candy
19. “Summer Night City” – ABBA
20. “Tom Cruise is a Gay Scientologist” – Black Russians
21. “Love Theme from Baron von Luxxury (reprise)” – Baron von Luxxury

Download Baron von Luxxury’s So Fucking Disco: Summer Night New York City ’07 Mixx here.

Bangers du Jour #4/Special Edition: Happy Half-Birthday to Us!

20 07 2007

The Workout is six months old this week! To celebrate, each of us will be recapping our favorite hott jamms of 2007 so far. Starting with moi.

Longtime readers may recall most of these tracks from earlier in the year, but some of them are songs that somehow fell through the posting cracks, or perhaps seemed overly-blogged about at the time.

Either way, if you’ve only recently joined the ranks of the billions of readers, fans, and stalkers who patronize The Workout daily, now is your chance to catch up.




Sometimes I hear a new track that strikes my fancy and I find it fantastic to listen to but it just doesn’t really work when I try to DJ it out. And sometimes a track that I was on the fence about just fits perfectly in my set. So I decided for my top 10 to pick the songs that I simply find myself need need needing to play whenever I DJ. Enjoy!

10. “Gravity’s Rainbow (Van She Remix)” – Klaxons

Wow, it seems like ancient history since I wrote about all the NME hype surrounding “New Rave.” But it’s only been a whopping six months, and somehow the words “New” and “Rave” sound even dumber together now than they did in January. But this track is still fresh and ill, not to mention dope and fly, for two reasons and two reasons alone:Van; and She.

9. “Kafka (Bag Raiders What Y’all Kno ‘Bout Five Remix)” – The Valentinos
8. “Love Is Here To Stay (Kissy Sell Out’s Own Private Idaho)” – Chungking

These two always go together for me for some reason. I love them both like children.

7. In The City – Chromatics

Oddly enough, I think of this song whenever I hear the expression “In The City.”

6. “Ghetto Ways (Baron von Luxxury’s Super Thanks For Asking Remix)” – Scissors for Lefty

So I’m way totally not allowed to post an MP3 of this yet until the Eenie Meanie Records big wigs say it’s okay, so for now you can get it on iTunes, or just listen to it on my Myspace profile.

5. Rolling Down the Hills – Glass Candy

Another gem from my favorite sonic jewelers from Portland. Johnny Got His Sampler.

4. My Moon My Man (Boys Noize Remix) – Feist

Mellow gold Canadian chanteuse + vocoder disco noir = so very instantly classic. From “Bangers du Jour #2.”

3. I Get Around (Midnight Juggernauts Remix)- Dragonette

Like double dipping in the candy jar, it rots your teeth so much its somehow healthy. (From Bangers du Jour #3).

2. We Are Rockstars – Does It Offend You, Yeah?

This is just sheer and absolute robot rock. Dance music with absolutely no feminine side. And yet somehow sexxy as shit. From February’s Dirty Disco Traxx post.

1. UFO (Van She Tech) – Sneaky Sound System

Another oldie but goodie from…this April! Audrock and I once drove around in my car singing the whole thing, including the non-vocal parts. That’s how gay this song makes me.