Bangers du Jour #3: Midnight Juggernauts

21 05 2007

Midnight Juggernauts

I. Cannot. STOP. Listening. To. This. Remix.

MP3: “I Get Around (Midnight Juggernaut remix)” – Dragonette

Banger du Jour nothin’ – this is definitely Le Banger de la Month, and maybe even de la Year So Far. It’s on the upcoming Kitsune 4 and if you haven’t heard it yet you will be unable to avoid it as soon as it drops. I first heard this Australian band/production team (and yes, it’s yet another damn amazing group of electro-awesome Aussies with close ties to the Modular mafia) when I heard this Daft Punk meets synthpop ditty on the fantastic Fabric29 (Cut Copy) last summer:

MP3: “Shadows” – Midnight Juggernauts
From Motel de Moka

Here’s the video for “Shadows”:

That song is from the “Secrets of the Universe” EP, which is available here and features a Presets remix of the Juggs’ “Devil Within.” Pick it up now.

Speaking of The Presets, here’s a remix MJ did last year for them:

MP3: “Down Down Down (Midnight Juggernauts remix)” – The Presets
Originally posted by La New Shit

One more for good measure: the track “45 and Rising” is available on vinyl here and features a Cut Copy remix. Listen here and then go buy the real deal.

MP3: “45 and Rising” – Midnight Juggernauts
Courtesy of the kind folks at The Supersonic Cumberbun

Their myspace sez’ “Road 2 Recovery 12″ w Sebastian remix-out late may”, can’t wait!

Mid Juggs ‘Space
Mid Juggs dot commmm

(BTW I posted the original version of the Dragonette song last week. I think it’s pretty fantastic as well, but definitely more pop/radio than danceypants. Here it is again in case you blinked.)


The week ahead:

If you’re in the San Francisco Yay area, we hope to see you for THE WORKOUT on Thursday night, May 24, *and* at Sleazemore’s Lights Down Low at 222 Minna on Friday night for the debut of LUXXURY LIVE (ELECTRO VERSION)!!!!

The Workout RULES

The Workout RULES

Email us at theworkout at sablestarr dot com or send us a myspace message for free guest list spots!

…and then save a spot on your dancecard Friday, May 25, for the debut of Baron von Luxxury with Johnatron at Sleazemore’s Lights Down Low at 222! We’ll be debuting our new band, performing electro versions of the Luxxury remixes live! Two men, two synths, one bass guitar, one vocoder and one talkbox…come smell the magic!

Luxxury Loves U

Luxxury Remixes

(Posted by: Baron von Luxxury)


FluoKids Translation Service: Vol. 2

25 04 2007

The Workout loves Fluo Kids
Photo: Simon Bordier, Model: Annika Berger, Stolen From/Homage A: FluoKids

From Monday’s episode of our favorite French disco sitcom, again filtered through The Workout’s in-house Robot Transliterator for your comedic enjoyment:

“To Drink Glass”

I was mollement held. The empty glance, I fixed red embers of the barbecue. I did not etais there. I was not there either for Martine. The weather was cold. To tell the truth, I froze them. The guy dimensioned ego, smoked an end of joint very crushed [editors note: as one tends to do in such situations]. Whereas it spoke to me about its future holidays in Ibiza and its loan sofinco of 500 euros, I concentrated on the funny words of ap on the aperispliff. I crossed the door fenestrates which carried out to the living room. Large a renoi hustles me, I lower the eyes. A few seconds later two guys put themselves on the mouth [editors note: WTF]. The foot of the parasol twisted to lie in the medium of the part, but I feel that the situation becomes funky [editors note: I feel the funkiness as well]. I regret Gaston [editors note: I also regret Gaston]. The girls rub “remainder in dog, boloss”. I am out of the action, sitting on stops of a piece of furniture full with eccentric ornaments and especially between two immense defenses with elephants. Too much cold to be a heat rabbit, but I will negotiate it [editors note: ah, yes, good old “heat rabbit negotiation” – how very, very French of you].

Fluokids – we kid, we love. Honestly, one of the few nearly-100% perfect blogs. Hot, often exclusive tracks; engaging commentary; pictures of hot foreign girls; and that certain “je ne sais quoi.”

It is very worth going to the original Fluokids post to download the very excellent Guns n’ Bombs remix of “Fancy Footwork.” But I can’t find a link to the post directly, which would be proper blog-iquette, and it’s sort of buried on the page. So, here’s a direct link to the song. This is definitely a must-download.

MP3: “Chromeo – Travail de Jambes de Fantaisie (Les Pistolets N’Bombs se remélangent).
Buy me some Chromeo on Insound
Chromeo ‘space
Guns n’ Bombs ‘space

Also: I love Ghostland Observatory.
MP3: “Piano Man” – Ghostland Observatory
Buy me some Ghostland Observatory on Amazon
Ghostland ‘Space


P.S. Here is a handy S.F. Events calendar 4 U:

Wednesday – Rickshaw Stop, SF – Take Root Records party w. Pop Noir and DJ BvL
Thursday – The Workout @ Arrow Bar, SF: w. All Teeth and Knuckles, plus resident DJ’s Johnatron, Pozibelle and BvL
Friday – Lights Down Low @ 222 Hyde, SF: w. DJ’s Paparrazzi, Daniel Le Disco, Audrock + Sleazemore

Ed Bang *This*

27 03 2007

Justice in Miami

Where were you last Saturday night, dearest SF electrokids? My guess is you were at the Mezz, checking out the insanely blogaliciously bloghouse-ariffic lineup of Justice, SebastiAn, Dj Mehdi, Busy P, and local boy Sleazemore.

Go check out Missing Toof’s recap and corresponding video here to see what you missed. And what’s that classic jam opening the YouTube video clip of the show, you say? That’s where The Workout comes in to provide you with the info. Got questions? We have answers. It’s what we do.

The first track in the video (mixed in with Justice’s latest single D.A.N.C.E, which is *this close* to being a shark jumper) is a frigging classic, and it warms our hearts to see the hippest of the hip are never too hip to play timeless jams like this Alan Braxe and Fred Falke’s 2000 anthem, the doesn’t-do-it-justicely titled “Intro.”

MP3: “Intro” – Alan Braxe and Fred Falke

This song still destroys about 80% of the new stuff I’ve been hearing.

P.S. Come to The Rickshaw Stop on Saturday, it’ll be the last Luxxury show for a while…

P.P.S. Breaking news that’s just a little bit too damn ‘The Workout’ to be ignored. A new compilatio for WESC clothing has 12 — twelve; 10 + 2; a dozen — covers of Olivia Newton John’s classic ode to humping during The Workout: “Let’s Get Physical.” Go back yet again to freakin’ Missing Toof, where you just were, for a couple of sample tracks. Damn you, Disaster, I’m gonna have to take you off my RSS feed if you keep doing this!

Shiny French Pyramids in the Summertime

13 03 2007

Daft Punk at Coachella 2006

This broke on Friday but I was away from my computer. However, now it can be blogged. This summer, the French Disco Invasion continues, but this time the noise won’t just be coming from the laptop of your neighborhood blogger turned DJ. Nope – übertastemaker Busy P. is sending over his live unit to finish the job, featuring your heroes and mine: Daft Punk, SebastiAn and Kavinsky.

Also on tour will be a guy with a beret eating a baguette while smoking Gauloise, riding a girl’s bicycle and saying “non, j’aime pas.”

Ok, The Rapture are co-headlining too. But that doesn’t lend itself to French jokes as much.

I saw the infamously mind-blowing Disco Pyramid last summer and believe me, the hype is to be believed. Tickets don’t appear to be available yet but here are some of the dates so’s you can start makin’ plans:

7/21 – Los Angeles, CA – Sport Arena
7/27 – Berkeley, CA – Greek Theatre
7/29 – Seattle, WA – WAMU Center
7/31 – Denver, CO – Red Rocks
8/3 Chicago – Lollapalooza
8/05 – Toronto, ON – Arrow Hall
8/07 – Montreal, QC – Bell Center
8/09 – Brooklyn, NY – Keyspan Park

P.S. Have you seen the trailer for Electroma yet?

Zzzzzzz part 2

9 03 2007

France vs. Australia

I don’t mean to steal Johnatron’s Friday posting thunder, but speaking of the new Cut Copy what the hell is up with Australia? They’ve been gettin’ it so right for the past year: Van She, The Presets, New Young Pony Club etc. I would love to see a dance floor knock down drag out bloodbath between the Ed Banger mafia and the Modularites. I predict it would sound a little like the latest purveyor of Aussie awesomeness to hit my ears (and who I must share with thee) called KNIGHTLIFE:

MP3: KNIGHTLIFE via Discodust
KNIGHTLIFE on the Myspace thing, where grammar is for chumps.

Also: I wrote a post about Goth a few weeks ago. I was kind of joking but kind of not. And now guess what, according to our log file stats, has become the #1 Google search term that brings people to The Workout? If I may quote the lovely Emily Strange from Client (who was describing how Luxxury was a welcome break from the typical sound at their Being Boiled night in London) it’s the following:


There. That ought to solve matters.