Disco Sunday #7: Robots in Disguise

7 10 2007

Robots in Disguise

“At the height of our disembodied digital era, two disguised femme-bots descend to deliver their funkpunk message to undiscerning humanoids inclined to the sounds of artful proto punk, exuberant electro-pop and new wave expressionism…”

London based electro-punk duo Robots in Disguise are one of my fave fave fave bands, so much so that I can’t believe I’ve never posted about them yet. So I intend to right that wrong today, because their new record “The Sex Has Made Me Stupid” comes out this week on President Records in the UK, and a 6 week European tour kicks off as well. And I’m such a huge fan I just wrapped up not one but *two* official remixes for the new record!

I can’t post any of the new material just yet, but look out for Baron von Luxxury remixes of “The Sex Has Made Me Stupid” and “We’re In The Music Business” coming soon. And in the mean time, here’s an introduction to the band for y’all who haven’t heard them yet.

RID began when Sue Denim and Dee Plume (get it?) met in Liverpool, hooked up with Berlin based producer Chris Corner (Sneaker Pimps, IAMX) and developed the sonic credo “ESG, Elastica and Serge Gainsbourg in a pop clusterfuck.” A self titled debut was released French label Recall in 2002, and by 2005’s followup “Get RID” they’d perfected their sophisticated, smart and sexy blend of dance-pop and art-punk.

Their signature sound comes from their use of dueling female vocals that twist and turn melodically, almost competitively, but always come together deliciously in the end. That sounds dry and pedantic so enough of my yakkin’ and check out three of my favorite songs from one of my favorite bands.

“Turn it Up” is an adoring ode to Indie pop music. It references nearly a dozen albums in the lyrics, from The Smiths to Peaches. How many can you identify?

MP3: “Turn it Up” – Robots in Disguise

“La Nuit” est une adventure a Paris – en français!

MP3: “La Nuit” – Robots in Disguise

“The DJ’s Got A Gun” is one of my favorite songs to spin:

MP3: “The DJ’s Got a Gun (IAMX Remix)” – Robots in Disguise

In addition to their fantastic songwriting and relentless touring, another reason RID is so big in Europe (70,000 Myspace friends!) is because they’ve made several guest appearances on the cult comedy show “The Mighty Boosh.” Here’s their hilarious battle of the sexes video for the song “Girl” featuring Noel Fielding from that show (who is also a Robot boyfriend.)

YouTube Video: “Girl” – Robots in Disguise

Did I mention how much I love this band? Go be a Robot friend on their Myspace, or just cut to the chase and buy the tracks on Itunes or Amazon.

Message to Dee and Sue: when do I get one of those radddd new shirts you’re wearing below?

Baron von Luxxury

Robots in Disguise


Underworld: Lots of Newness Starts Today

5 09 2007

Underworld Oblivion With Bells

Underworld’s last album was called “100 Days Off”, and while its taken closer to 2000 days, a long overdue followup called “Oblivion With Bells” is due to be released in October. I was blessed with an advance copy and it sounds great, hearkening back to one of my favorite albums of the late 90’s, “Beaucoup Fish.”

The first single “Crocodile” is out today, and we’d like to remain friends with the cuties at Magnum PR, so I ain’t gonna throw you any MP3s just yet. But you can listen to an iMeem stream of the new song here, or you can watch this fan-made video, which hijacks the visuals from another Underworld track:

Oblivion with Bells
Out October 2007

01. Crocodile
02. Beautiful Burnout
03. Holding The Moth
04. To Heal
05. Ring Road
06. Glam Bucket
07. Boy, Boy, Boy
08. Cuddle Bunny vs The Celtic Villages
09. Faxed Invitation
10. Good Morning Cockerel
11. Best Mamgu Ever

Underworld have about 3 months of touring lined up, with only a handful of those dates in the U.S. Why? Probably because with the exception of these cities, our musical tastes are basically still stuck in the guitar worshipping, pre-punk halcyon 70’s. (Pop and hip hop aside, of course: I’m super oversimplifying to make my simplistic point.)

So come on, America, throw those old Nugent records on the bonfire and get on the electronic tip like the rest of the world. Disco won’t make you gay – not completely, at least (and a little ‘gay’ never hurt anyone). It’s not like we’re asking you to listen to Tiesto (sorry Jessica!), and just think of how it will help our standing in the world’s eyes: a nation of gun-totin’ ravers!

Sep 7 2007 @The Warfield, San Francisco
Sep 9 2007 @ Hollywood Bowl, Hollywood
Sep 11 2007 @ Red Rocks, Denver
Sep 14 2007 @ Central Park, New York City
Sep 15 2007 @ Bank of America Pavilion, Boston

…and then, like, 50 dates in Europe and Japan. Check their myspace for mo’ info, and check back here at DiscoWorkout.com for Mp3s as soon as we get the go ahead…

Underworld Space
Underworld Live dotcom