Megyn ♥’s Hervé

9 08 2007


So I’m Megyn, the newest addition to The Workout, branching the blog all the way down to Hollywood. I’ll be throwing in my two cents every now and then, but in the meantime…

Hervé, aka Joshua Harvey (aka Count of Monte Cristal/Voodoo Chilli/Dead Soul Brothers/Speaker Junk/Young Lovers… did i forget one?) has been putting out some absolutely massive blog-friendly remixes this year that have been recieving a quite a bit of attention (mainly the NYPC ‘Ice Cream’ remix), so I decided to group my favorites together in a mish mash of a post for maximum enjoyment.

MP3: The Salmon Dance (Hervé Remix) – The Chemical Brothers
The quality is less than decent, but Hervé manages to save & transform one of the most cringeworthy tracks on the new Chemical Bros. album (featuring former Pharcyde member/Spike Jonze muse, Fatlip) into a total dancefloor banger.

MP3: Love Ya (Hervé Remix) – Unklejam
Classic dirty, sleazy, pop goodness. Love it.

MP3: Licky (Hervé Goes Low Remix) – Larry Tee Feat. Princess Superstar
It’s been around for awhile, but I will continue to adore this remix. On the proper soundsystem, this track never fails to explode throughout the crowd. Plus, how can you resist the 90’s house airhorn?

MP3: Ice Cream (Hervé Goes Bananas Remix) – New Young Pony Club
I “dropped” this track at work the other day and my coworkers started to complain I was turning the store into “too much of a rave”. What else can I say?