28 02 2007

I am in my hotel room in beautiful Waikiki.  I have to admit, I was a little aprehensive about Hawaii because I thought it would be too touristy.  It is! However, it is amazing.  My girlfriend Natasha, and I are still exploring but are enjoying all of the fine cuisine.  I have yet to have a Mai Tai.  Although I am comfortable in my manhood, it still seems like the tropical equivalent of an Appletini.  It is super expensive here.  I am rolling with Miller High Lifes (Lives?) right now due to the price.  Since our hotel costs too much in my opinion, I am enjoying one service they offer: FREE CALLS ANYWHERE in the United States.  So, I am serious, email me your phone number ( jsagouspe@gmail.com) and I will call you.  I need to get my money’s worth.  Aquarium tommorow. I am hyped. The aquarium is my favorite place in the world.  It is also important to mention that there are many Japanese tourists here.  I had no idea.  They all have the Japanese mullet too. I bet you guys would know it if you saw it.  Furthermore, In one of the Tony Hawk games, I totally skated off the top of this hotel over a helicopter.  Surreal.  If you ever come here, it is great, but stay to the tourist parts. It is depressing otherwise.  I hope to get to the other side of the island at some point though and maybe accidentally see some of the actors from Lost.  By the way, if you missed it, the science company that Juliet works for is called “Mittelos”.  This is an anagram for “Lost Time”, which is confirmed to not be a coincidence. 

Blahblahblah.  Too much rambling.  Here is what you all want:

MP3: “Fancy Footwork” – Chromeo

I bet you guys have heard the Thomas Barford remix.  Stick with the original. I have DJed that remix, and it is ok, but Chromeo is one of those bands that has such an awesome sound that no remix could ever do them enough justice.

MP3: “Find What You Get (Nik 7 Remix)” – Bang Gang

I totally stole this from the hollerboard! This is the Icelandic band “Bang Gang”, not the equally amazing Australian Djs.  I know very little about Nik 7, but this remix is worth a handshake.

MP3: “The Creeps (Fedde Le Grand Remix)” – Camille Jones

Is this remix enough to forgive Fedde Le Grand for “Put Your Hands Up for Detroit”?  You be the judge. That video gave me total price.  “Price” is the feeling when you feel embarassed for someone else and also feel embarassed for watching the, do that embarassing thing.  It was created by my friend Michelle after something she witnessed at Price Club.  Please use the word.  Make it catch on.