The Girls, The Girls Are Lovely

17 03 2007

 Mad props to these homegirls who have been reppin’ hard lately! Both from the land of philly, party queens with mad rhymes…look for them in a town near you.

Mp3: Take it Easy – Amanda Blank feat. MIA

Mp3: DJ Play That Shit – Amanda Blank

Mp3: MYOB – Roxy Cottontail

Mp3: You Don’t See – Roxy Cottontail 

Both these chixxx are on an album called Blow with Aaron LaCrate, featuring production from the likes of Aaron LaCrate, Debonair Samir, Scottie B, 45 King, DJ Equalizer and Low Bee. The CD is out, but the vinyl is to be released..get on the wait list here for this one homies, cuz its hot…here’s a sneak peak of one of the tracks.

Mp3: Oxy Theme – Aaron LaCrate with Roxy Cottontail

Happy Friday Homies!!!