From Kernel to Popcorn : A Valentine’s Day Love Affair

14 02 2007


Since it’s Valentine’s Day, this post is dedicated to three things that I love to the max…Shoes, Lipgloss and Justin Timberlake (with no shame). I will except gifts in any of these categories for the lovely day of February the 14th.

Now working in a shoe store, I have aquired just a few too many shoes…namely some dope ass sneakers that are absolutely necessary when wrecking the dance floor with some fly ass moves…gotta have the sneaks to back up the attitude. And I don’t dance to any old song, its gotta be a banger. Banger this track is. Introducing to you Mr.Podgers, a hidden gem in the world of myspace that I ran across as a result of my insomnia. You play this song and all the fly girls (and boys too) will be dancing; sneaks, heels, whatevs…

Mp3:”The Night Shoe Contest” – Mr. Podgers

Okay, so I love sneakers, and occassionally I do wear the heels, but either way, lipgloss is an absolute essential item in my life. When I was 16, and kinda broke (not that that has changed too much), I would go to the grocery store and take full advantage of the 2 for 1 lipgloss deal…You see, one goes in the pocket, the other you pay for, cut the guilt in half. I swear thats the only thing I ever have stolen in my life…I love lipgloss that much. Well, Lil Mama is 16 and instead of being a hoodlum and stealing, she channels her energy into a damn good song about lipgloss. I love it! But really, the track is super hot and hard hitting. And suitable for the fly girls and fly boys alike.

Mp3: “Lipgloss” – Lil Mama

And now to my third and final love for Valentines Day 2007…Justin Timberlake..oh why yes…I will be your valentine. We can dance all night in our fly sneakers, sit on the grass and lay side by side, toes in the sand, all that..naked 🙂 But really, is it just me, or is every one doing a “My Love” remix these days? Honestly, I love the song just as is. Makes my heart melt everytime. But, remix is the name of the dj game, and the song is oh so catchy, so here are two for you..
First one is from Diplo, who just kills it everytime. He throws the TI rap in first, sounds so dope, even the most suspecting will forget what song it is.
Next comes from Like Woah! out of Sydney, Australia on Bang Gang 12″ (Keep an eye on Bang Gang cuz thier shit is so fresh! Just realeased thier first 12″).
Like Woah! is Ghetto Ghetto Techno…You forgot this was a pop song, didn’t yah?

Mp3: My Love (Diplo Remix) -Justin Timberlake
Mp3: My Love (Like Woah! Re-edit)- Justin Timberlake