Late of The Pier

12 09 2007

Late of the Pier

Gary Numan, faster, happier, on better drugs, with an MPC, wearing todays colors, possessing a sardonic grin = Donnington’s Late of the Pier.

MP3: “Space and the Woods” – Late of the Pier
MP3: “Space and the Woods (South Central Remix)” – Late of the Pier
(Bonus remix by fellow Donnington-ites Neon Plastix is here. The MP3 I was sent was mislabeled and I got it backwards. Ha ha ha ha ha on me.)

Late of the PierLate of the Pier

New single.
“Bathroom Gurgle.”
Produced by Erol Alkan.
Out today on Moshi Moshi.

MP3: “Bathroom Gurgle” – Late of the Pier

I’m sort of obsessed with them right now.


Late of the Pier M’space

Late of the Pier


MP3: “M.E.” – Gary Numan

Also, since I’m already straying from the pure disco, Led Zeppelin are evidently reforming for one night only, and they’re including Jonesy this time. Perhaps Sable will be there?

Baron von Luxxury