I Heart Booty Flava Friday

7 09 2007

Okay, so just a little reminder, as I’ve been shaking my ass a little too much and not posting near as much as I should be, Booty Friday is dedicated to all songs that make my ass shake and hopefully my love for these songs will permeate to your ass and we can all shake together. Sounds good, eh? Well, let’s begin, shall we?

Mp3:Bonde Do Gemido- DJ Rui de Janeiro
A little bit of funk from the favelas for ya..been jamming his one out at the club and in my ipod for a while. And yeah, I know, the whole baile funk thing is way overdone these days, but shit, can you really deny it’s booty power…NO. Thanks to Ghetto Bass Quake for this one. They posted this a way long time ago and I’ve been jammin it ever since.

Mp3: Youth Alcoholic (Folk Booty Crunk Theorem Edit)- Fox and Wolf
I kinda like Fox and Wolf, then again I kinda don’t. Thier voices are a little annoying, the songs are sometimes a bit much thematically (put your left hand down in your underwear?, is any one gonna really do that? little stupid) but for some god-damn reason I can’t stop buying thier shit. I kinda like it…

Mp3:FRANCHISEBOYSheartR.KELLY- My!Gay!Husband!

Yes, M!G!H! never fails to take a song you thought you didn’t like and turn it into a masterpiece. I really can’t get enough of the car honk in this song… if I had a car, it would honk just like this…

MP3: My Love (Low B Remix)- Justin Timberlake
Because I really just can’t get enough. To the max. I heart guilty pleasures.