6 09 2007

Ooh-Ee and Loot


The above picture features Ooh-Ee and Loot. Two guys who are bumping mad beats in the land down under. Their remix of Riot in Belgium’s “La Musique” is gaining notice in a few blogs, but their reworking of Dire Straits’ “Money for Nothing” with electro-super-group Manchovies is my latest favorite. Manchovies features Miami Horror, Tranterco, Loot and CWD. Their myspace says they do “REMIXES, SUPER MEGA DJ SETS AND SOME FREESTYLE CRAPPING.” They even got a gmail account which means they’re obviously down with 2007.



MP3: Loot – Something 2 Mash 2 [zShare]
MP3: Loot – Manchovies 4 Nothing
MP3: Riot in Belgium – La Musique (Ooh-Ee and Loot Remix)

– bearbaby (the new poster)