Booty Flava Friday! Ghosts on Tape

15 09 2007

Ghosts on Tape is an ass shakin’ master.  Definetely a workout favorite.  Check the back posts for some of his other amazing tracks.  Here’s a new one for ya!

Mp3: Ice Blood- Ghosts on Tape 



I Heart Booty Flava Friday

7 09 2007

Okay, so just a little reminder, as I’ve been shaking my ass a little too much and not posting near as much as I should be, Booty Friday is dedicated to all songs that make my ass shake and hopefully my love for these songs will permeate to your ass and we can all shake together. Sounds good, eh? Well, let’s begin, shall we?

Mp3:Bonde Do Gemido- DJ Rui de Janeiro
A little bit of funk from the favelas for ya..been jamming his one out at the club and in my ipod for a while. And yeah, I know, the whole baile funk thing is way overdone these days, but shit, can you really deny it’s booty power…NO. Thanks to Ghetto Bass Quake for this one. They posted this a way long time ago and I’ve been jammin it ever since.

Mp3: Youth Alcoholic (Folk Booty Crunk Theorem Edit)- Fox and Wolf
I kinda like Fox and Wolf, then again I kinda don’t. Thier voices are a little annoying, the songs are sometimes a bit much thematically (put your left hand down in your underwear?, is any one gonna really do that? little stupid) but for some god-damn reason I can’t stop buying thier shit. I kinda like it…

Mp3:FRANCHISEBOYSheartR.KELLY- My!Gay!Husband!

Yes, M!G!H! never fails to take a song you thought you didn’t like and turn it into a masterpiece. I really can’t get enough of the car honk in this song… if I had a car, it would honk just like this…

MP3: My Love (Low B Remix)- Justin Timberlake
Because I really just can’t get enough. To the max. I heart guilty pleasures.

Booty Flava Friday (DJ Illo)

4 08 2007

You got a big ‘ol butt, get you ass on the dance floor! This one is not quite a classic booty jam as the past ones have been, but it sure does talk about the booty. Check out DJ Illo’s website for more party jams like this one…Hope you are shaking your ass this Friday night!!

Mp3: Back It Up (Illo’s 3way GhettoSlap Mix) – DJ Illo vs Unk vs Mistah Fab

Booty Flava Friday!! (Funky Watussi!!)

28 07 2007

You gotta love this one!!

Mp3: Funky Watussi – The Puppies

In The City; In The City.

12 06 2007


Head’s up – I’ll be blogging about the In The City music conference here in New York starting tomorrow…which means that the following song will be in my head all day, every day, every time I see a badge, banner or laminate with said phrase:

MP3: “In The City” – Chromatics
From the new Italians Do It Better comp “After Dark”

And hell, that’s an early summary of the conference for you right there (and a swell tip for budding lyricists): always consider the branding possibilities!

See you bright and shiny tomorrow…

– Baron von Luxxury

Luxxury Remix Album Parties: Tonight and Tomorrow!

25 05 2007

So as not to sound overly self-hype-y, the following is lifted directly from (and with the kind permission of) the fantastic Disaster from Missing Toof:

“This weekend it’s going down! San Francisco based ‘lectro rockers Luxxury have finally unleashed their long awaited ‘Sweet and Vicious, The Remixes’ CD (cover art work by me!). There will be two back to back record release parties starting this Friday.

First up, Friday, Lights Down Low vs Luxxury. Featuring live performances by Baron Von Luxxury & Johnatron of The Workout joined by the likes of Canada’s ‘All Night Dance Party‘. Special guest DJ Devin Dirt all the way from Brooklyn & of course resident dancefloor destroyer Sleazemore on the ones and two’s.

Michaela your fave door girl taking your money & your hearts. Photos by Vaindeer.

Then this Saturday in the South Bay, record release party #2 presented by Missingtoof! This rowdy bunch invades San Jose’s Johnny V’s for another night of disco debauchery. Live performances by Luxxury (Disco Version), ANDP & Devin Dirt. This time DJ Barbeau of Dirty Sanchez and Missingtoof’s own DJ Basura are holding it down on the decks. Photos will be taken by Chromesick.

Luxxury’s new CD ‘Sweet & Vicious, The Remixes’ is out now on itunes. If you haven’t caught their song ‘Drunk’ in the Pontiac/Transformers commercial peep the beats below. These tracks are guaranteed to totally mess up your parents car stereo speakers.

MP3: Luxxury – Drunk (Toulouse Fight Club remix)

MP3: Luxxury – Sweet and Vicious (All Night Dance Party’s More Vicious Than Sweet remix)

MP3: Luxxury – Rock and Roll Is Evil (Devin Dirt’s Fat Elvis remix)

Pistol Pete is gonna shoot you…

2 05 2007

Thanks to everyone who came out to the Arrow Bar for dancing and cupcakes last Thursday. If you don’t already know, the Arrow Bar as we know it is dead…thats right dead…so we are moving on to a new home. We’re packing up and taking the ruckus to Duplex at 11th and mission…So make sure to mark your calanders for May 24th. We got Barbeau from Dirty Sanchez spinning a set, as well as Devin Dirt (Black Van Records) coming all the way from Brooklyn to do a killer nasty live set. And yes, we will have even MORE cupcakes for yo ass, for sure.

So absolutely love getting mail filled with great music…makes my day. Pistol Pete so kindly sent me over a couple of his nasty hot remixes that’ll make ya pop that pussy in all ways good…

The first is a remix of Clipse’s “Wamp Wamp”, as if we didn’t already love the song…Pistol Pete twists it up with a nice fast synthed out beat…thank you very much, ready for the dancefloor…killin it…

Mp3: Wamp Wamp (Pistol Pete remix) – Clipse

Then we have “Shake it to the Ground”, a DJ Blaqstarr track featuring mic killer Rye Rye, both on Mad Decent. Dancefloor anthem of 2007… shake it muthaf#!@ers!!! Pistol Pete again dresses up this track with supremeness, minimal techy bass beat with a synthy twinkle…you can’t help but shake it..Play this shit in the clubs for sure…”I’m not a gangsta girl but I’m a ghetto superstar” – Rye Rye

Mp3: Shake it to the Ground (Pistol Pete Remix) – DJ Blaqstarr feat. Rye Rye

thats it for today….got more coming up later this week..word