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30 07 2007


MP3: “2007” – Max Cavalerra

MP3: “Trauermusik (Alter Ego Remix)” – Partial Arts

MP3: “All For One (Tobi Neumann’s Swinging Remix)” – Johannes Heil

Mp3: “Moog Acid (Jackson Mix)” – Jean Jacques Perrey and Luke Vibert

MP3: “Lower State of Consciousness” – ZZT  (Tiga and Zombie Nation)

Mp3: “These Things Happen (Yellow Mix)” – David Van Tieghem 

Buy them at Beatport or Juno.


Johnatron’s Edit Wednesday #12

14 06 2007


I will be brief.

MP3: “Mono Rain Non Stop (Johnatron Edit)” – Kraftwerk, Dave DK, and Holger Zilske

MP3: “Mono Rain Non Stop (Johnatron Edit)” – Kraftwerk, Dave DK, and Holger Zilske

MP3: “Mono Rain Non Stop (Johnatron Edit)” – Kraftwerk, Dave DK, and Holger Zilske

MP3: “Mono Rain Non Stop (Johnatron Edit)” – Kraftwerk, Dave DK, and Holger Zilske

MP3: “Mono Rain Non Stop (Johnatron Edit)” – Kraftwerk, Dave DK, and Holger Zilske

Yes, There’s More Out There Than Porn

10 05 2007

Luxxury Dim Mak Cobrasnake Cory
Luxxury at Cinespace, LA. Photo: Le Cobrasnake.

Today’s post is filed under “Other Blogs Need Love Too”:

• Track #10 from Justice’s minutes-away-from-being-released debut album is up over at Put the Needle on the Record as well as Call Me Mickey (among others):

MP3: “Stress” – Justice

Plus La New Shit posted a radio rip of track #9 “D.V.N.O.” earlier this week.

So now you *should* have about 2/3 of the whole album, right? Plus another 500 re-edits, unreleased Britney Spears remixes and unauthorized mashups, and perhaps a ripped video or two? I need an entire iPod just for all my Interwebbedly ill-gotten Justice shit.

• Speaking of La New Shit, they’ve just posted a few awesome tracks from the new Luxxury Remixes album. Graph Giraph has a few as well. Collect ’em all.

• I like Dragonette. I was fairly certain they weren’t cool until Fluo told me not to worry and love The Bomb. And then Kitsune called and said “we’re putting one of their songs on our next comp.” So, we’re all allowed to like it now!

MP3: “I get around” – Dragonette

• An open letter to Van She Tech from me, Baron von Luxxury.

Dear Van She Tech –

I love you and I hate you.

I love you because you are amazing.

I despise you because you are amazing.

Your productions make me envious and full of a jealous rage. But then I shake myself like a wet poodle and that moment of pettiness goes away.

And I am yours again.

I love you.


MP3: “I Love You (Van She Tech Remix)” – I Am Finn
From MFR

MP3: “Sex City (South Central ‘Dark City’ Remix)”
From Headphone Sex

• New Blackstrobe is ready for you. Dark, surprisingly rock…hell, it’s industrial.

MP3: “Girl Next Door” – Blackstrobe
MP3: “Buzz Buzz Buzz” – Blackstrobe
From Boule a Facettes

Bonus remixes:
MP3: “Never Win (Blackstrobe remix)” – Fischerspooner
MP3: “Ghost Trace (Blackstrobe remix)” – Tiefschwarz
Also from Boule a Facettes

• A few cool non-MP3 links. Clicky clicky.

Sampleur/sample. Sometimes you gotta track down the source material and scratch the itch.

Simon Reynolds’ Bliss Out. Erudite musical ramblings from the author of Rip it Up and Start Again, the best postpunk book ever written.

Out of 5 dot com. Record geeks make lists.

Music You Won’t (Possibly) Hear Anywhere Else – Old 78’s. Not Disco at all. But amazing.

Pistol Pete is gonna shoot you…

2 05 2007

Thanks to everyone who came out to the Arrow Bar for dancing and cupcakes last Thursday. If you don’t already know, the Arrow Bar as we know it is dead…thats right dead…so we are moving on to a new home. We’re packing up and taking the ruckus to Duplex at 11th and mission…So make sure to mark your calanders for May 24th. We got Barbeau from Dirty Sanchez spinning a set, as well as Devin Dirt (Black Van Records) coming all the way from Brooklyn to do a killer nasty live set. And yes, we will have even MORE cupcakes for yo ass, for sure.

So absolutely love getting mail filled with great music…makes my day. Pistol Pete so kindly sent me over a couple of his nasty hot remixes that’ll make ya pop that pussy in all ways good…

The first is a remix of Clipse’s “Wamp Wamp”, as if we didn’t already love the song…Pistol Pete twists it up with a nice fast synthed out beat…thank you very much, ready for the dancefloor…killin it…

Mp3: Wamp Wamp (Pistol Pete remix) – Clipse

Then we have “Shake it to the Ground”, a DJ Blaqstarr track featuring mic killer Rye Rye, both on Mad Decent. Dancefloor anthem of 2007… shake it muthaf#!@ers!!! Pistol Pete again dresses up this track with supremeness, minimal techy bass beat with a synthy twinkle…you can’t help but shake it..Play this shit in the clubs for sure…”I’m not a gangsta girl but I’m a ghetto superstar” – Rye Rye

Mp3: Shake it to the Ground (Pistol Pete Remix) – DJ Blaqstarr feat. Rye Rye

thats it for today….got more coming up later this week..word

Johnatron Edit Wednesday #4

12 04 2007

Flat Eric

This one is Higher State of Consciousness…. the remix I posted earlier in the week and something from the teaser of one of my most awaited albums…….Mr. Oizo. I took the now infamous saxophone part and used it. I really like this one. A lot. I’m going to use it. Please use it too.

MP3: “Higher State of Saxophone (Johnatron Remix)” – Mr. Oizo and Josh Wink

NEW!!!!: HIGH QUALITY VERSION MP3: “Higher State of Saxophone (Johnatron Remix)” – Mr. Oizo and Josh Wink 



10 04 2007

It has come to my attention that a lot of our hits come from people google imaging “booty”, “BOOTY” “onion booty”, ect. Therefore, if you notice today, all of the pictures I use will be known as booty tonight.

Take that search engines!

Booty BOOTY big booty onion booty
It is time for another large post of new music. Here are some things I have been listening to lately. Think of this as a mini mix-tape for my friends on the internet. I don’t know you, but I wish I did!

I have been waiting for the new remixes of “Higher State of Consciousness” by Josh Wink for a long time now. The original is a track I often bring out and DJ, but it is a gamble. About half the time I ruin the party. However, the remixes are a great updated version. The Mathew Johnson one was good, but this one is made for the dance floor.

MP3: “Higher State of Consciousness (TV Rock and Dirty South Remix)” – Josh Wink

Next up, we have yet another remix of Simian Mobile Disco’s “It’s The Beat” . The Luke Vibert one has been around for a minute on the blogs, but here is the fabulous Riton Re-rub, whom we absolutely love love LOVE.

MP3: “It’s The Beat (Riton Re-Rub)” – Simian Mobile Disco

By the way, BOOTY

onion booty

Next, a double dose of Luetzenkirchen. Well known for his work on Great Stuff, you should familiarize yourself with him if you don’t already know. For me, he straddles a fine line between electro, house, and even trance……. Sounds like a horrible description, but trust me. It is good stuff. On the remix is Huggotron which is, of course, one of the Dahlback boys. In my opinion this is one of the best jobs he has done.

big ass

MP3: “Music For The Girls” – Luetzenkirchen

MP3: “Music For The Girls (Huggotron Remix)” – Luetzenkirchen

It is getting late, so I will keep it brief. Paul Woolford presents Bobby Peru (same guy). This track is a big throwback.

black booty

MP3: “The Truth” – Paul Woolford Presents Bobby Peru

Last, a Scissor Sisters remix by Goose. A great pair up.


MP3: “She’s My Man (Goose Remix)” – Scissor Sisters


Riton: Right On

8 04 2007


Henry “Riton” (pronounced “reeee-ton”, apparently) Smithson is an East London DJ/remixer/musician kid who’s got some a wicked sense of synthy humor. Like this line from the apparently-not-mislabeled “Swuare Eyes” which I very much wish I’d written:

“Square eyes
It’s no surprise
The love of my life
Is not so bright”

MP3: “Swuare Eyes” – Riton
Buy it on Beatport

I found this minimallesque melodic gem on the Tiefschwarz’ Fabric a few months back, it’s a nice break in between the bangers and the full on pop:

MP3: “Hammer of Thor” – Riton
Buy it on Beatport

He also puts out tracks with Ben Fat Trucker as Gucci Soundsystem:

MP3: “Windy” – Gucci Soundsystem
Gucci Soundsystem’s ‘Space

Take a trip to FluoKids and grab Riton’s latest work, a re-rub of Datarock’s “Fafafa.” There’s also a cool new remix of Simian Mobile Disco’s “It’s The Beat” on his Myspace.

Riton’s Space
Riton’s Webbby

P.S Now there’s an easy way to remember our URL:

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