FluoKids Translation Service: Vol. 3

20 09 2007


There are some real gems in this past Monday’s Fluo-as-translated-by-a-robot.

The post is called “They Is Always The Same Gestures.” Oh, is they?

pic : rita vogt

“I révé too much of the scénari of horror where the headstocks take life, I always wondered what that would have been the monstrous one if one had put a little artificial intelligence Warp in cranium of the TLC. Mondkopf tries the blow and the headstocks of ice become the true comforting sisters of which they gave each other the air.”

Mondkopf – Bath of the Morning

“Disco music tuning which makes tunes, a post scifi in automatic mode for post-human pieces, here one has fun the fun fair under the artificial lights, one goes back from there then under an artificial light, I comfort itself of tone smile of artificière, cheeks pink, gray sweater matched with the carpet, laser green and red boots, patent.”

Vitalic – Anatoles (live)

“With far Rex the dog bark credits disco music désincarné to the extreme, anthem of the world cup of Rugby galactic 2078, cyborgs with the oiled drill plates warm up in slide. If as me you saw Miami Vice in VF you remember inevitably this scene where the truant known as one “I adore the discotheque”, I adhere while thinking of all these pretty girls, surface but generous, who return the light while turning to small steps around their bag to hand.”

Rex the dog – Circulate jbag radio edit

“I neither homosexual nor am bodybuildé, and yet the disco music haunts me like Kraeger the house music. I am not only, it does not have there that to listen to the last mix of Booka Shade, Ewan Pearson, Château Flight which begin their Body Language with the Distant Message of Bogdan Irkük that I posted here a few weeks ago. Our weekends overflow and Mondays have paces of 7eme day, to accompany the slow exit by my cryogenic box ultimate credits disco music, this Homage II which could make me cry lakes over wild planet.”

Roland Sebastian Faber – Homage II on the myspace of Paddle records

I don’t know about you but my favorite line is probably “I neither homosexual nor am bodybuildé, and yet the disco music haunts me.” Methinks the lady doth protest too much, n’est-ce pas?

I kid! I kid because I love. 🙂

And thus concludes this edition of:


Baron von Luxxury


Luxxury Remix Album Parties: Tonight and Tomorrow!

25 05 2007

So as not to sound overly self-hype-y, the following is lifted directly from (and with the kind permission of) the fantastic Disaster from Missing Toof:

“This weekend it’s going down! San Francisco based ‘lectro rockers Luxxury have finally unleashed their long awaited ‘Sweet and Vicious, The Remixes’ CD (cover art work by me!). There will be two back to back record release parties starting this Friday.

First up, Friday, Lights Down Low vs Luxxury. Featuring live performances by Baron Von Luxxury & Johnatron of The Workout joined by the likes of Canada’s ‘All Night Dance Party‘. Special guest DJ Devin Dirt all the way from Brooklyn & of course resident dancefloor destroyer Sleazemore on the ones and two’s.

Michaela your fave door girl taking your money & your hearts. Photos by Vaindeer.

Then this Saturday in the South Bay, record release party #2 presented by Missingtoof! This rowdy bunch invades San Jose’s Johnny V’s for another night of disco debauchery. Live performances by Luxxury (Disco Version), ANDP & Devin Dirt. This time DJ Barbeau of Dirty Sanchez and Missingtoof’s own DJ Basura are holding it down on the decks. Photos will be taken by Chromesick.

Luxxury’s new CD ‘Sweet & Vicious, The Remixes’ is out now on itunes. If you haven’t caught their song ‘Drunk’ in the Pontiac/Transformers commercial peep the beats below. These tracks are guaranteed to totally mess up your parents car stereo speakers.

MP3: Luxxury – Drunk (Toulouse Fight Club remix)

MP3: Luxxury – Sweet and Vicious (All Night Dance Party’s More Vicious Than Sweet remix)

MP3: Luxxury – Rock and Roll Is Evil (Devin Dirt’s Fat Elvis remix)

Yes, There’s More Out There Than Porn

10 05 2007

Luxxury Dim Mak Cobrasnake Cory
Luxxury at Cinespace, LA. Photo: Le Cobrasnake.

Today’s post is filed under “Other Blogs Need Love Too”:

• Track #10 from Justice’s minutes-away-from-being-released debut album is up over at Put the Needle on the Record as well as Call Me Mickey (among others):

MP3: “Stress” – Justice

Plus La New Shit posted a radio rip of track #9 “D.V.N.O.” earlier this week.

So now you *should* have about 2/3 of the whole album, right? Plus another 500 re-edits, unreleased Britney Spears remixes and unauthorized mashups, and perhaps a ripped video or two? I need an entire iPod just for all my Interwebbedly ill-gotten Justice shit.

• Speaking of La New Shit, they’ve just posted a few awesome tracks from the new Luxxury Remixes album. Graph Giraph has a few as well. Collect ’em all.

• I like Dragonette. I was fairly certain they weren’t cool until Fluo told me not to worry and love The Bomb. And then Kitsune called and said “we’re putting one of their songs on our next comp.” So, we’re all allowed to like it now!

MP3: “I get around” – Dragonette

• An open letter to Van She Tech from me, Baron von Luxxury.

Dear Van She Tech –

I love you and I hate you.

I love you because you are amazing.

I despise you because you are amazing.

Your productions make me envious and full of a jealous rage. But then I shake myself like a wet poodle and that moment of pettiness goes away.

And I am yours again.

I love you.


MP3: “I Love You (Van She Tech Remix)” – I Am Finn
From MFR

MP3: “Sex City (South Central ‘Dark City’ Remix)”
From Headphone Sex

• New Blackstrobe is ready for you. Dark, surprisingly rock…hell, it’s industrial.

MP3: “Girl Next Door” – Blackstrobe
MP3: “Buzz Buzz Buzz” – Blackstrobe
From Boule a Facettes

Bonus remixes:
MP3: “Never Win (Blackstrobe remix)” – Fischerspooner
MP3: “Ghost Trace (Blackstrobe remix)” – Tiefschwarz
Also from Boule a Facettes

• A few cool non-MP3 links. Clicky clicky.

Sampleur/sample. Sometimes you gotta track down the source material and scratch the itch.

Simon Reynolds’ Bliss Out. Erudite musical ramblings from the author of Rip it Up and Start Again, the best postpunk book ever written.

Out of 5 dot com. Record geeks make lists.

Music You Won’t (Possibly) Hear Anywhere Else – Old 78’s. Not Disco at all. But amazing.

Justi…Oh, You Know

4 05 2007

Justice – “D.A.N.C.E.” video
[props to http://www.discobelle.net]

How much love can a blogosphere give a ‘band’ with only 5 songs? Answer: a lot. And we’re not helping solve the problem, as we love these men with their dirty beats, funky basslines and porn sideburns as much as the next bleary eyed laptop jockey.

But as much as mon amour is pure and vrai, it feels a little pointless contributing what feels like yet another (and superfluous) vote for the already-elected. In a Columbia study published last year in Science, people were asked to listen to, rate and, if they chose, download songs by bands they had never heard of. Half the 14,000 participants were shown the prior download figures for the songs, while the other half were simply shown a list of titles.

The result was that in the first, or “social-influence” group, the most popular songs were much more popular (and the least popular songs were less popular) than in the independent condition. In other words, as The New York Times put it, in their piece about the study “the impact of a listener’s own reactions is easily overwhelmed by his or her reactions to others.”

The reason is that when people tend to like what other people like, differences in popularity are subject to what is called “cumulative advantage,” or the “rich get richer” effect. This means that if one object happens to be slightly more popular than another at just the right point, it will tend to become more popular still.

And there’s the rub: are we not subject to this same prejudice with every post we write, and each corresponding click we make selecting songs to download? Are we blogging about a band or downloading a song simply because we keep seeing it show up on so many damn “tastemaker” playlists, thus predisposing us to assume it’s good – or, worse, that we need to like it to be cool?

Are we listening with our eyes?

Ok, that conclusion was tongue-in-cheek-edly pompous. But it’s late and I am procrastinating sending out press packets of our new remix album. I HATE sending out press packets.

For now, my fellow francodiscophones, drop what you’re doing and add http://www.hatesomethingbeautiful.com to your bookmarkblogrollRSSnetvibes, because there are three new Justice-y things there now:

1. A new Uffie + Justice track, possibly an alternate version of a forthcoming track from the forthcoming Justice album, which drops July 10…

2. …and for which the magic geniuses at HSB have procured a tracklist, as such:

1. Genesis
2. Let There Be Light
3. D.A.N.C.E.
4. Newjack
5. Phantom
6. Phantom Pt. II
7. Valentine
8. The Party
10. Stress
11. Waters of Nazareth
12. One Minute To Midnight

3. AND FURTHERMORE a couple o’ Justician remixes I’d never heard before:
MP3: “Skitzo Dancer (Justice Remix)” – Scenario Rock
MP3: “Me Against The Music (Justice Remix)” – Britney Spears

So. Go there.

Also: nothing to do with Justice or HSB, but worthy of mention are a few cool traxx I found whilst trolling the world o’ electro bloggage recently. Enjoy. Back to stuffing envelopes for me. So very glam, this rock stardom thing.

MP3: “Music Sounds Better On A Holiday” -Stardust + Madonna.
MP3: “The Brainwasher (Erol Alkan’s Horrorhouse Dub)” – Daft Punk