Dollar Bills and Pish Posh Thrills

15 05 2007

Hey there homies…whoa, has shit been crazy lately, but not to worry, I got a bangin delivery for ya….. This friday, get off your ass and head over to the TL…this shit is gonna be fresh. History Invades is celebrating thier record release on Pish Posh (one of my favorite record labels), and alongside them will be All Teeth and Knuckles, Ghosts on Tape, UFO! and yours truly, PoziB! And it’s free! Pish Posh is notorious for throwing some of the best parties in the city, whether its a house party or club event…So unless you like your life under a rock, get out and see the freshness for yourself…

Heres a few tracks from Ghosts on Tape to hype you up…

Mp3:Nann Juke Rmxx – Ghosts On Tape

Mp3: Gangsterplayer222 – Ghosts On Tape

Mp3: Rang On Tha Grayne – Ghosts On Tape

So I recently got transfered down to the Haight Street side of the Shoe Biz world, which on most points kinda sucks…and here’s why:

1. Its uphill from where I live. I don’t like riding the bus, I like to ride my bike, but I don’t like to ride my bike uphill…booooo.

2. They have me working in the store with all women’s shoes. I like sneakers…i do wear the girly shoe occassionally, but selling them sucks. Girls come up to me with 7 different pairs of black flats, want to try them in two different sizes, then decide that none of them fit quite right and if i’m lucky, they walk out with a $20 sale shoe..lame.

3. It is way too close to all my favorite shops, so all the money that I made that day, I end up spending before I even get home…

Yeah, so #3 sucks cuz I spend all my dough, but I stay fly in my new threads and get to mob the record store every time I’m on a lunch break… Today I picked up some records from Ratatat…I really want thier new remix album, but alas it’s not available yet, so I got some older stuff of thiers..I quite like it, I must say. Got that indie rock feel laced with hip hop beats to keep you head knodding in your white belt… Thier new remix stuff is fresh though, I’ve been jammin it on the pod for days. Check it for yourself right here….Then, you can say thank you by sending me dollor bills in my time of need while I work on the consumer ridden Haight Street..word.

Mp3: Party and Bullshit (Ratatat Remix) – Notorious B.I.G.

Mp3: The Mule (Ratatat Remix) – Z-ro, Devin the Dude, and Juvenile

Mp3: Stomp (Ratatat Remix) – Young Buck, Game and Ludacris

there ya go! Enjoy…see ya friday and I better see those bills flyin…