Late of The Pier

12 09 2007

Late of the Pier

Gary Numan, faster, happier, on better drugs, with an MPC, wearing todays colors, possessing a sardonic grin = Donnington’s Late of the Pier.

MP3: “Space and the Woods” – Late of the Pier
MP3: “Space and the Woods (South Central Remix)” – Late of the Pier
(Bonus remix by fellow Donnington-ites Neon Plastix is here. The MP3 I was sent was mislabeled and I got it backwards. Ha ha ha ha ha on me.)

Late of the PierLate of the Pier

New single.
“Bathroom Gurgle.”
Produced by Erol Alkan.
Out today on Moshi Moshi.

MP3: “Bathroom Gurgle” – Late of the Pier

I’m sort of obsessed with them right now.


Late of the Pier M’space

Late of the Pier


MP3: “M.E.” – Gary Numan

Also, since I’m already straying from the pure disco, Led Zeppelin are evidently reforming for one night only, and they’re including Jonesy this time. Perhaps Sable will be there?

Baron von Luxxury


Pistol Pete is gonna shoot you…

2 05 2007

Thanks to everyone who came out to the Arrow Bar for dancing and cupcakes last Thursday. If you don’t already know, the Arrow Bar as we know it is dead…thats right dead…so we are moving on to a new home. We’re packing up and taking the ruckus to Duplex at 11th and mission…So make sure to mark your calanders for May 24th. We got Barbeau from Dirty Sanchez spinning a set, as well as Devin Dirt (Black Van Records) coming all the way from Brooklyn to do a killer nasty live set. And yes, we will have even MORE cupcakes for yo ass, for sure.

So absolutely love getting mail filled with great music…makes my day. Pistol Pete so kindly sent me over a couple of his nasty hot remixes that’ll make ya pop that pussy in all ways good…

The first is a remix of Clipse’s “Wamp Wamp”, as if we didn’t already love the song…Pistol Pete twists it up with a nice fast synthed out beat…thank you very much, ready for the dancefloor…killin it…

Mp3: Wamp Wamp (Pistol Pete remix) – Clipse

Then we have “Shake it to the Ground”, a DJ Blaqstarr track featuring mic killer Rye Rye, both on Mad Decent. Dancefloor anthem of 2007… shake it muthaf#!@ers!!! Pistol Pete again dresses up this track with supremeness, minimal techy bass beat with a synthy twinkle…you can’t help but shake it..Play this shit in the clubs for sure…”I’m not a gangsta girl but I’m a ghetto superstar” – Rye Rye

Mp3: Shake it to the Ground (Pistol Pete Remix) – DJ Blaqstarr feat. Rye Rye

thats it for today….got more coming up later this week..word

The Neon Plastix

4 04 2007

The Neon PlastixThe Neon Plastix

A quick shout out to a band we played with on Luxxury’s recent UK tour. Lovely Doncaster’s finest New Wave outfit are without a doubt The Neon Plastix: disco, punk, funk, spastic, severely 80s, and almost diabolically catchy. In a word: infectiously awesome. Actually that’s two words. Still.

MP3: “Space and the Woods (Neon Plastix Remix)” – Late of the Pier
The Neon Plastix ‘space

The Plastix have loads of gigs coming up in the UK including one in London at Madame JoJos with the amazingly named and throroughly entertaining one-boy-show Psycho Fags in Bin Bags, who we played with in lovely Birmingham.

Lets get spooky…

30 03 2007

Allright, here’s a little dose of The Black Ghosts  for ya, …all remixes from some noteable players, but the originals are definetely worth checkin just go buy em here and thank me later.

Mp3: Anyway You Choose To Give It- The Black Ghosts (Boy 8-Bit Remix)
Can you say WOW? Love it!  Boy 8-Bit, one man and his computer making dope remixes with a healthy dose of old school video game sounds, but with the grimyness that make my heart skip a beat, I think I’m in love.  Go to his myspace and buy all of his tracks right now!!!

Mp3: Any Way – The Black Ghosts (Fake Blood Remix)
Fake Blood…I can’t find anything on this guy…but the remix is great..he just surfaced on myspace, so keep your eyes out for more from this guy.

Mp3: Face – The Black Ghosts (Teenagers Remix)
When The Teenagers aren’t making songs about thier many love affairs with women from all over the world, they make dope remixes…this one had been floating around for a while now, but it is a great one…this one is featured on the Face Remixes 12″. Buy it…

and stay tuned, cuz booty flava friday is coming up shortly….

Goth Thursday. How Awkward.

15 02 2007


I’m not sure if I really want to indulge in my closet penchant for Goth *every* Thursday, but I’ve been wanting to post these two songs for a while, and “Rural Juror“-like awkwardness of those two words together in the title strikes me as funny.


Before they O.D.’d on guitars and heroin and went all White Zombie on our asses with their limp proto-Industrial Metal (“Jesus Built My Hotrod”, anyone?), Ministry was rad. Nowadays every American chav and Suicide Girl-manquée at Mall of America looks like an Al Jourgensen clone, but at the time his post-Apocalyptic Road Warrior shtick fit perfectly with the dance/rock/goth/industrial/pop sound he helped invent. Both sonically and sartorially, for better or for worse, there’d be no Trent without Al. (Speaking of, check out the new Nine Inch Nails song at Fire in the Stereo).

But before he lost his marbles dropping acid with Gibby, Al wrote some super swell synth-goth ditties, a slightly harder-core Depeche Mode. Ministry’s second album “Twitch”, released in 1985, dabbles in the relatively new art of sampling and rhythmic noise in a pop context, and the result is catchy dark pop; even a bit, dare I say, funky (in a white way).

MP3: “Just Like You” – Ministry
Buy it on Amazon

Sisters of Mercy

I adore the Sisters of Mercy. Besides having the chutzpah to collaborate with fellow bombast-a-don (and Meatloaf collaborator) Jim Steinman, Andrew Eldritch is erudite, pretentious, and goddamn hysterical. In 1985 Eldritch produced a few tracks by a cat named James Ray and released the songs on his Merciful Release label. One track in particular, “Mountain Voices”, is fantastically dark and dancey, featuring very Sisters-like vocals, synthpop synthbass and beats, electric guitars and lots of melody. It’s pretty melodramatic and the chorus is kinda silly (sampled violins!) — and it even flirts with a Country twang. But it works.

MP3: “Mountain Voices” – James Ray and the Performance
Buy it on Amazon (for $39!!!)

I had to buy a filler-laden ‘best of’ CD for $20 on Ebay a few years ago to get this song, but now you can download it and every other song they recorded for free on the James Ray web site.

Now…I must go deposit my beloved Powerbook at the repair shop and pray for its health. I’ll be back with some cool new tracks next week.

From Kernel to Popcorn : A Valentine’s Day Love Affair

14 02 2007


Since it’s Valentine’s Day, this post is dedicated to three things that I love to the max…Shoes, Lipgloss and Justin Timberlake (with no shame). I will except gifts in any of these categories for the lovely day of February the 14th.

Now working in a shoe store, I have aquired just a few too many shoes…namely some dope ass sneakers that are absolutely necessary when wrecking the dance floor with some fly ass moves…gotta have the sneaks to back up the attitude. And I don’t dance to any old song, its gotta be a banger. Banger this track is. Introducing to you Mr.Podgers, a hidden gem in the world of myspace that I ran across as a result of my insomnia. You play this song and all the fly girls (and boys too) will be dancing; sneaks, heels, whatevs…

Mp3:”The Night Shoe Contest” – Mr. Podgers

Okay, so I love sneakers, and occassionally I do wear the heels, but either way, lipgloss is an absolute essential item in my life. When I was 16, and kinda broke (not that that has changed too much), I would go to the grocery store and take full advantage of the 2 for 1 lipgloss deal…You see, one goes in the pocket, the other you pay for, cut the guilt in half. I swear thats the only thing I ever have stolen in my life…I love lipgloss that much. Well, Lil Mama is 16 and instead of being a hoodlum and stealing, she channels her energy into a damn good song about lipgloss. I love it! But really, the track is super hot and hard hitting. And suitable for the fly girls and fly boys alike.

Mp3: “Lipgloss” – Lil Mama

And now to my third and final love for Valentines Day 2007…Justin Timberlake..oh why yes…I will be your valentine. We can dance all night in our fly sneakers, sit on the grass and lay side by side, toes in the sand, all that..naked 🙂 But really, is it just me, or is every one doing a “My Love” remix these days? Honestly, I love the song just as is. Makes my heart melt everytime. But, remix is the name of the dj game, and the song is oh so catchy, so here are two for you..
First one is from Diplo, who just kills it everytime. He throws the TI rap in first, sounds so dope, even the most suspecting will forget what song it is.
Next comes from Like Woah! out of Sydney, Australia on Bang Gang 12″ (Keep an eye on Bang Gang cuz thier shit is so fresh! Just realeased thier first 12″).
Like Woah! is Ghetto Ghetto Techno…You forgot this was a pop song, didn’t yah?

Mp3: My Love (Diplo Remix) -Justin Timberlake
Mp3: My Love (Like Woah! Re-edit)- Justin Timberlake

Johnatron’s Winter07 Mix

6 02 2007



It’s official: my newest mix is completed and is dedicated to the first edition of our DJ night, “The Workout,” on February 21st at Space Gallery in SF, CA. We stole the tagline (“Ready For Class”) from a Macy’s t-shirt we saw some dude wearing (Esteban, was that yours?) the other night at 12 Galaxies. Because it seemed clever, what with its double meaning. Ha. *All tracks heavily edited by me (Johnatron)*MP3: “Johnatron’s Winter ’07 Mix”

1.J-Kwon – Tipsy
2.Simian Mobile Disco – I Believe
3.Prodigy – Wind it Up (Bonus Beats)
4.Bamabounce – Wu-Tang Slide
5.Lady B – Dead (Diskonaut Atomschweisser Mix)
6.Rex the Dog – Maximize
7.Giorgio Prezioso vs. Libex – Xperimental Scratch
8.Robots in Disguise – The DJs Got a Gun (Shut Up I Am X Rework)
9.Goldfrapp – Train (Johnatron Fragment Edit)
10.The Black Ghosts – Face (Switch Remix)
11.Green Velvet – Shake and Pop
12.Knightrider Theme
13.The Human League – Things That Dreams Are Made Of
14.Radiohead – Idioteque
15.Codec and Flexor – Do What You Want
16.TEPR – En Direct De La Cote (Alavi Rerox)
17.Sorgenkint and DJ Man At Arms – Junkfunk
18. Alex Under – Distantes
19.Kurtis Blow – The Breaks
20.Roman Salzger – 12Bit Dancer
21.Wreckx-N-Effect – Rump Shaker (Percapella)
22.Underworld – Moaner
23.Herbert – The Movers & The Shakers (Green Velvet Remix)
24.Ricardo Villalobos – Unflug
25.Bird Peterson – Throw Me Uptown (Johnatron presents Beeper City Remix)
26.Peaches – Downtown (Simian Mobile Disco Remix)
BONUS: Because this post is all about me, I also give you my newest production: a remix of the awesome Bird Peterson under my “Beeper City” alias.
MP3: “Throw Me Uptown (Johnatron Presents Beeper City Remix) – Bird Peterson

If I may say so myself, the coolest part is when Ben from Beeper City came over and suggested that I do the shout-outs through a talk box, Frampton-style. I think it’s safe to say that I, Johnatron, OWN the Talk Box.

Love forever,