Zzzzzzz part 2

9 03 2007

France vs. Australia

I don’t mean to steal Johnatron’s Friday posting thunder, but speaking of the new Cut Copy what the hell is up with Australia? They’ve been gettin’ it so right for the past year: Van She, The Presets, New Young Pony Club etc. I would love to see a dance floor knock down drag out bloodbath between the Ed Banger mafia and the Modularites. I predict it would sound a little like the latest purveyor of Aussie awesomeness to hit my ears (and who I must share with thee) called KNIGHTLIFE:

MP3: KNIGHTLIFE via Discodust
KNIGHTLIFE on the Myspace thing, where grammar is for chumps.

Also: I wrote a post about Goth a few weeks ago. I was kind of joking but kind of not. And now guess what, according to our log file stats, has become the #1 Google search term that brings people to The Workout? If I may quote the lovely Emily Strange from Client (who was describing how Luxxury was a welcome break from the typical sound at their Being Boiled night in London) it’s the following:


There. That ought to solve matters.