FluoKids Translation Service: Vol. 3

20 09 2007


There are some real gems in this past Monday’s Fluo-as-translated-by-a-robot.

The post is called “They Is Always The Same Gestures.” Oh, is they?

pic : rita vogt

“I révé too much of the scénari of horror where the headstocks take life, I always wondered what that would have been the monstrous one if one had put a little artificial intelligence Warp in cranium of the TLC. Mondkopf tries the blow and the headstocks of ice become the true comforting sisters of which they gave each other the air.”

Mondkopf – Bath of the Morning

“Disco music tuning which makes tunes, a post scifi in automatic mode for post-human pieces, here one has fun the fun fair under the artificial lights, one goes back from there then under an artificial light, I comfort itself of tone smile of artificière, cheeks pink, gray sweater matched with the carpet, laser green and red boots, patent.”

Vitalic – Anatoles (live)

“With far Rex the dog bark credits disco music désincarné to the extreme, anthem of the world cup of Rugby galactic 2078, cyborgs with the oiled drill plates warm up in slide. If as me you saw Miami Vice in VF you remember inevitably this scene where the truant known as one “I adore the discotheque”, I adhere while thinking of all these pretty girls, surface but generous, who return the light while turning to small steps around their bag to hand.”

Rex the dog – Circulate jbag radio edit

“I neither homosexual nor am bodybuildé, and yet the disco music haunts me like Kraeger the house music. I am not only, it does not have there that to listen to the last mix of Booka Shade, Ewan Pearson, Château Flight which begin their Body Language with the Distant Message of Bogdan Irkük that I posted here a few weeks ago. Our weekends overflow and Mondays have paces of 7eme day, to accompany the slow exit by my cryogenic box ultimate credits disco music, this Homage II which could make me cry lakes over wild planet.”

Roland Sebastian Faber – Homage II on the myspace of Paddle records

I don’t know about you but my favorite line is probably “I neither homosexual nor am bodybuildé, and yet the disco music haunts me.” Methinks the lady doth protest too much, n’est-ce pas?

I kid! I kid because I love. 🙂

And thus concludes this edition of:


Baron von Luxxury


Booty Flava Friday! Ghosts on Tape

15 09 2007

Ghosts on Tape is an ass shakin’ master.  Definetely a workout favorite.  Check the back posts for some of his other amazing tracks.  Here’s a new one for ya!

Mp3: Ice Blood- Ghosts on Tape 


I Heart Booty Flava Friday

7 09 2007

Okay, so just a little reminder, as I’ve been shaking my ass a little too much and not posting near as much as I should be, Booty Friday is dedicated to all songs that make my ass shake and hopefully my love for these songs will permeate to your ass and we can all shake together. Sounds good, eh? Well, let’s begin, shall we?

Mp3:Bonde Do Gemido- DJ Rui de Janeiro
A little bit of funk from the favelas for ya..been jamming his one out at the club and in my ipod for a while. And yeah, I know, the whole baile funk thing is way overdone these days, but shit, can you really deny it’s booty power…NO. Thanks to Ghetto Bass Quake for this one. They posted this a way long time ago and I’ve been jammin it ever since.

Mp3: Youth Alcoholic (Folk Booty Crunk Theorem Edit)- Fox and Wolf
I kinda like Fox and Wolf, then again I kinda don’t. Thier voices are a little annoying, the songs are sometimes a bit much thematically (put your left hand down in your underwear?, is any one gonna really do that? little stupid) but for some god-damn reason I can’t stop buying thier shit. I kinda like it…

Mp3:FRANCHISEBOYSheartR.KELLY- My!Gay!Husband!

Yes, M!G!H! never fails to take a song you thought you didn’t like and turn it into a masterpiece. I really can’t get enough of the car honk in this song… if I had a car, it would honk just like this…

MP3: My Love (Low B Remix)- Justin Timberlake
Because I really just can’t get enough. To the max. I heart guilty pleasures.

Booty Flava Friday!! (Funky Watussi!!)

28 07 2007

You gotta love this one!!

Mp3: Funky Watussi – The Puppies

Buddy Leezle is Lethal!!! Bammmmm!!

17 07 2007

This guy is my new favorite friend… I met him at the last Workout, but his air of familiarality was way to strong, maybe I know him from another life, I thought… Turns out we are both from ATX and know some of the same homies. Small world. Anyways, he gave me a cd, I listened to it, then listened to it again (twice in a row) and then put it on my ipod and I am still jammin it to this day. Quality hip hop with a club vibe. He’s part of 215: The Freshest Kidz, and also does some of his own solo stuff. If you wanna see him live, you better come out to the House of Shields this Thursday, cuz he’ll be there, along with LL Cool DJ from Lazer Sword, plus Pozibelle and Johnatron!

Mp3: SWEATBOXIN RMX-Buddy Leezle & C.V. (215:THE FRESHEST KIDZ) produced by Krames

Mp3: MIC OF THE YEAR (FLY GEAR AWARD)-Buddy Leezle produced by Rustie

Buddy Leezle’s Myspace

215: The Freshest Kidz Myspace

Lovely Chords and Kid Rolex

7 07 2007

So, I’m a little late on this one because it’s been out for a while, but I’m gonna post it anyways because these guys are just lovely! It’s a new dance remix of Kid Rolex‘s “Pussy Pop” (watch the site hits skyrocket from that title) from the Lovely Chords in Argentina, my most favorite friends on myspace.. this was a personal offering, not a blog steal, so it’s late but whatever…enjoy.

Mp3: Pussy Pop (Lovely Chords 2 Fingers Remix) – Kid Rolex

Ghosts On Tape

19 06 2007

Oh yes homies…here is another dope ass track from ghosts on tape, who is my newest favoritest act around town…

He never ceases to amaze me with his ability to kill it!

Get with it now so that you can say, “oh yeah, I’ve been listening to this guy for days…you don’t know?”

and you can’t find this track anywhere else, though i hear it might be released on Pish Posh later this summer….hmmmm..

Mp3: Port Moresby- Ghosts on Tape

and don’t forget to check out Ghosts on Tape live, June 28th, with the Workout crew….House Of Shields…San Francisco’s newest little secret dance heaven.. more details TBA..very soon!!